We’re at Final Impasse

UC’s bargaining team presented a ‘Last, Best, and Final Offer’ for Research (RX) and Technical (TX) members that still contains unnecessary and unacceptable cuts:

  • No steps and no retroactivity
  • No daily overtime or protections for full-time work
  • A 401k-style pension opt-out which only divides us and benefits Fidelity Investments®
  • 3%* in April ’19, October ’19-21 and $1250 lump sum – only if we immediately accept all of UC’s cuts. *If we don’t, UC will claim the 3% has expired and likely impose 2%, as they did to AFSCME.

  • UC can now impose their terms on RX/TX and UPTE can call an economic strike to pressure UC to offer us a fair contract.
  • Let us know you’re ready to fight: SIGN A STRIKE PLEDGE TODAY!
  “UPTE members are the backbone of world-class education,  health care, and research at UC campuses and medical centers.

UC executives’ bad faith-bargaining over nearly 2 years has undermined the institution they are responsible for. UPTE is standing with students, patients, and our communities who expect and deserve more.”

– Elisa Cleveland, Staff Research  Associate, UC San Francisco, UPTE
Bargaining Team





“It would have been one thing for UC executives to start with this
offer in 2017. Putting it on the table now, after we’ve already
fallen so far behind the rising cost of living adds insult to injury.
They have seen our power striking in solidarity with AFSCME. They hope they have worn us down but let me tell you: they haven’t seen anything yet.”
 – Erich Wise, Sr Lab Mechanician, UC Irvine, UPTE Bargaining Team