Why Did UC Make a Better Offer to Nurses?

UC executives refuse to offer UPTE members many of the demands they agreed to with nurses in September – yet continue to argue that we are being unreasonable in our demands. Why are they still demanding those of us that are just as crucial to providing world class education, healthcare, and research at UC accept so much less?

 UC Contract with Nurses

  • 25% raise over 5 years (includes steps)
  • Market equity increases
  • Improved Job Security
  • Improved Staffing Ratios
  • No Pension Cuts

 UC Offers to UPTE

  • 10-12% raise over 5 years (no steps)
  • No Market Equity
  • No Daily Overtime
  • No Career Job Protections
  • Pension Cuts

UC executives don’t just care more about nurses than UPTE workers: the California Nurses Association (CNA) has a strong history of striking at other employers such as Kaiser and Sutter, as well as a united membership. When AFSCME struck in May, nurses came out in massive numbers in solidarity, showing their strength and unity, and they were also consistent in mobilizing to put pressure on UC.

We know that UC can make UPTE a better offer – but we must show them that we are able to strike as powerfully as CNA does. Sign a strike pledge today and let us know that you’re prepared to join the picket line for a fair RX/TX contract!