Strike Pledge

We, the undersigned healthcare, research, and technical professionals, have dedicated our careers to the people of California by serving and supporting the students, patients, researchers, and academics of the UC community. We are insulted by UCOP’s contract proposals and its attempt to blame the length of contract negotiations on our brothers and sisters on the bargaining team.

Our demands are not only reasonable, but absolutely necessary to retain and recruit talented staff such as ourselves. We demand that you direct UCOP to come to the table with an acceptable proposal so that we can focus on our work rather than having to fight for what we deserve.

We will not let our dedication stand in the way of doing whatever is necessary to win the kind of contract that will allow us to continue doing that work in the years to come.

We hope that UCOP will heed this call and settle our contract fairly without either side having to declare impasse, and without the need for a mediator, factfinder, or strike. If necessary, however, we will do all those things to secure a fair contract.

We also stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in AFSCME and CNA, who are fighting for similar goals. If one of those unions needs to call a strike to make UC realize how far off course it has veered in negotiations, we commit to a solidarity strike in support.

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