Unite For A Secure Retirement

UC is putting our retirement at risk by encouraging new employees to enroll in a risky 401(k) and putting a cap on our pension. Check out: uc401kfacts.com and find out why UC’s proposal of enrolling new employees in a 401(k) and cutting our benefits is a raw deal for everyone, but UC. 


Join Your Co-Workers At A Unity Town Hall & Learn More:

  • Listen to Bargaining Updates from all 3 unions (UPTE, CNA, AFSCME). 
  • Learn why UC’s new “two-tier” 401(k) scheme is a $20,000 scam.
  • Plan to fight and protect for a secure retirement.

        “This is unfair and unacceptable. UC’s proposal of a 401(k) severely undermines the longevity and stability of our pension for current and future participants, it amounts to lower compensation over the life of our UC careers.” – Greg Wine, Senior Dietitian, UC Davis, UPTE Member 


Thank you to all that came! Our Town Hall bargaining has concluded!


Town Hall Schedule


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