UPTE is a democratic, member-run union. There are plenty of ways to get involved!

The easiest thing you can do to keep informed and get involved is to make sure we have a current email, home phone and home street address for you.  Email the Local Administrator to update your information.

If you are interested in becoming more active fill out this form and return it to the office.  You can also contact an officer or staff person to discuss what might be the best way for you to participate.

General Membership Meetings

Check your email for upcoming meetings.

Zone Contacts and Zone Meetings

A zone can be any group of members who work in proximity to each other in one building and/or interact on a regular basis at work. UPTE Zone Contacts are the front-line organizers of the union.  Their work is the pivotal component in moving UPTE toward its goal of strong, effective representation and all that goes with it – good salaries, secure benefits and fair treatment on the job.

Email or call (530-759-0803) to find out who your Zone Contact is or if you would like to set up a zone meeting. Consider becoming the contact for your zone if you don’t already have one.


Monthly – distribute the UPTE Bulletin to each member in your zone.  If a member offers a complaint or suggestion about the union or about his/her working conditions, pass those comments along to an UPTE officer or the organizer.

As needed — keep track of new UPTE-eligible employees in your zone or building (new hires, transfers from other areas, etc.) and let the organizer know about them.  If they are not already members of UPTE, try to sign them up. Likewise, let the organizer know of UPTE-eligible employees who leave your zone or building – quits, retirees, those who transfer to other areas, etc.

As needed – let the members in your zone know of special UPTE activities that we want them to participate in.  These could include building meetings, signing Strike Pledges, calling elected officials, and other activities designed to build a stronger union and win improvements in the wages and working conditions of UPTE members.

Executive Board

The Local 6 Executive Board consists of president, two vice presidents (UCD Campus and UCDMC), secretary, treasurer and from four to eight members -at-large (two to four each at UCD Campus and UCDMC). Board terms are one year. In addition, there shall be elected three members who serve as trustees. Initially Trustee positions are one-year, two-year, and three-year terms.

To be eligible for an office a member must be in good standing for the four months immediately preceding the election. All matters concerning nominations and elections in this local union are subject to the provisions of Appendix B, entitled Elections Code, of the UPTE California Constitution.

The Local 6 Constitution (PDF), Article VII describes the duties of officers and executive board of the local.

An announcement of the opening of nominations will be sent to each members home at least 15 days before the closing of the nomination period.  The notice will include directions on how to nominate a member for the Executive Board, or nominations can be made at a General Meeting during the nominating period.

The board meets at 7pm on the third Wednesday of every month at the Local office, 1772 Picasso Drive, Suite C, Davis, CA 95618. All members are welcome at executive board meetings.


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