Executive Board

Contact us by phone at 415-753-8783

Matias Campos – President
campos.m@verizon.net | 201-424-0940

“I have been a Pharmacist at UCSF since 2017 and believe we deserve a strong union to fight for our patients and our students, as well as ourselves. I began my work with UPTE by helping members with worksite issues, recruiting new members at Orientations, facilitating membership meetings, and chairing our Organizing Committee. Now, I lead your local (UPTE’s largest) as President and serve as our systemwide Executive Vice President.”

Chey Dean – Vice President
cheyenne.dean@gmail.com | 951-970-1178

“My name is Chey, and I’m an SRA in the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases at Mission Bay. I originally got involved in the union around the contract fight in 2019. After seeing what a strong union can accomplish, I began getting involved in the organizing committee, and strategizing on ways to build a stronger union. I realized we needed stronger leadership to really progress the mission of our San Francisco members, and ran for VP. I am honored to be chosen to represent SF, and look forward to working on campaigns that truly reflect the value and ideals of my community.”

Matthew Stephen – Secretary

“I have worked at UCSF since 2018 as a Physician Assistant in Head & Neck Surgery. I’m from Texas, a right-to-work state, where unions are rare. I realized how important they were in HS when my mom, a single parent who had struggled to pay the bills for many years, got a union job with the US Postal Service. I felt what the power of a union meant – stability and security for workers and their families. I believe UPTE can be a powerful union and will work as hard as possible to make it so.”

Shawn M. Singh – Systemwide Executive Board Representative

“I’m currently an inpatient nurse case manager at UCSF Parnassus Campus on the Medicine Teaching Service. Strong advocate for a single payer healthcare system, and improving access and quality of healthcare in California.”

Dom Mitchell – Member at Large
domcmitchell@gmail.com | 818-484-6615

“I grew up in Southern California and moved to the Bay Area for college. After graduating, I was excited to work for UC. I’ve been a Staff Research Associate in the Gordan Lab at Mission Bay for 4 years. Working here, I’ve appreciated being a part of an engaging research community that encourages me to learn and grow while I contribute to biomedical research on small molecule activators of a tumor suppressor kinase. I’m also grateful to be an active member of the UPTE community because our union is crucial for ensuring that our work environments stay safe and supportive.”

Cara Evans – Member at Large

Nino Maida – Chief Steward

“Chief Steward Emeritus, 14+yrs UPTE Local-7, 17 yrs SRA 1-3 (ret), CLS (ret), 14+yrs Labor Chorus, Mississippi Alabama 1964-5, Integration actions on AutoRow-HiltonHotel-Etc 1960s.”

Jason Rosenbury – Steward
jasonrosenbury@gmail.com | 917-796-7741

“Bargainer, Steward, Systemwide HX Coordinator. I am a social worker in the Children’s Hospital at Mission Bay.”

Maureen Flaherman – Leadership Development Coordinator (LDC)
mflaherman@upte-cwa.org | 510-701-4421

“I am thrilled to be joining UPTE! I have spent the last few years organizing non-union workers at nonprofits in San Francisco, supporting them from the beginning stages of their union campaigns all the way through ratifying their first contracts. Before that, I worked on several political campaigns. As a lifelong San Franciscan and the daughter of a UCSF employee, I know how hard UCSF staff work and how much they contribute to our community, and I’m excited to support them in advocating for themselves.”

Sarah Shames – Leadership Development Coordinator

Quotation and photo forthcoming.