Dear Senate Education Committee members, 

The purpose of this message is to urge you to vote YES at the Senate Education Committee Hearing for AB 848 – the “stop offshoring abuse” bill.

In July of 2016 the University of California San Francisco offshored 96 positions equaling 17% of its IT services to a company called HCL – a contracting company out of India. The workers were given a lay off date of February 28th 2017, and were told that they were going to have to train their own replacements. One of the laid off workers had the job of developing and maintaining fetal heart monitoring software. One of the laid off workers had the job of developing and maintaining the software for surgeons to navigate the brain during brain surgery.

Additionally, UCSF, via its vendor contract with Language Line is currently offshoring the Video Remote Interpreting service for its Spanish-speaking Limited English Proficient patients, offering a lower standard of care for this patient population than for patients of other threshold languages.

The cost of potential patient care and patient privacy errors exceeds the $6 million per year for the next 5 years that UC claims it will save by sending 96 IT jobs to India. Lives do not have a price tag.

This loss did not only impact the 96 people with a layoff notice. The day before UCSF IT worker Hank Nguyen received his layoff notice, his daughter received her acceptance letter to attend UC Santa Cruz. Her intent was to follow in her father’s footsteps and major in Information Technology. His layoff notice came the very next day and discouraged her from majoring in a STEM field. Women entering the STEM fields will have to think again if they believe their only hope for an employment position is leaving and going to another country due to offshoring practices.


  • Stop the UC and CSU systems from offshoring good paying, middle class technology jobs out of California
  • Stop the abuse of public funds whereby California tax payers’ money can go toward eroding the middle class within the state of California
  • Invest in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) economy in California
  • Prevent HIPPA violations and other potential threats to patient data and patient care at the UC Medical Centers

If the UCSF “pilot program” experiment is deemed “successful,” UC’s contract with HCL allows them to lay off IT workers from any of the ten UC campuses and five medical centers. As it was at UCSF, 17% of the workforce was laid off and replaced by offshore labor. The following are possible job losses if the trend mirrors what happened at UCSF:

IT Campus Break Down
BK: 611 – 17% is 103
SF: 270 – 17% is 41 (newly downsized number)
DV: 330 – 17% is 56
LA: 768 – 17% is 130
RV: 161 – 17% is 27
SD: 687 – 17% is 117
SC: 123 – 17% is 21
SB: 219 – 17% is 37
IR: 382 – 17% is 65
MC: 53 – 17% is 9
Total: 3604 – 17% is 613 jobs lost to the California economy


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