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2014 Electoral Recommendations

Key Races in Detail

Quick info on all positions and issues:
California State Assembly
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California Statewide Executive Offices
California State Board of Equalization
California State Propositions
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Key races important to us as UPTE-CWA members

Susan Bonilla: AD 14, Concord. Susan serves on the Assembly Select Committee on Increasing the Integration of STEM Education in CA for K-14 schools and is the Chair of the Education Budget sub-committee. Before serving in the state Assembly, she was a high school teacher and since her election to the Assembly has been a strong ally of UPTE and our issues.

Bill Quirk: AD 20, Hayward. Bill is a climate change scientist and retired from our Livermore National Lab where he helped negotiate the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Prior to that, he taught physics at Columbia, Cal Tech, and UC Davis. Because of his lifelong interest in education, he is a past PTA and Friends of the Library member. He has served on the Executive Board of UPTE and is a lifetime UPTE member. His 2 children have attended UC.

Das Williams: AD 37, Santa Barbara, Ventura. Das has been a local school trustee, taught Junior High School, and at Antioch University. For many years he was an activist at UCSB and still show up every time we have an UPTE or other union event at UCSB. He presently is the Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, authored our bill, AB 2705 in 2014, to help Community College Contingent Faculty, and has a lifetime commitment to increase access to all Californians to a world-class education.

Sharon Quirk-Silva: AD 65, Fullerton and much of Orange County. Sharon is a former teacher and strong advocate for education. She authored AB 1976 to increase funding for Cal Grants by 2 ½ times to help increase student access and success in higher education. She is and was a strong supporter of the State’s Middle-Class Scholarship Program and held special hearings of the Higher Education Committee to look into easing the transition for students from community colleges to our Universities. Sharon also has and is working with UC President Napolitano to increase funding for the UC system.

Shirley Weber: AD 79, San Diego area. Prior to being elected to the state Assembly, Shirley was a professor at SD State University. She is presently on the Assembly Higher Education Committee and helped us draft the language for AB 2705. She is the Chair of the Special Committee on Higher Education in San Diego County and has held special hearings to encourage safer and healthier campuses.

Toni Atkins: AD 78, Coastal San Diego. Toni is the new Speaker of the Assembly and in that role of leadership, she is key to everything that happens in the state Assembly. She is and always has been a strong advocate for both labor and education isuues.

Connie Layva: SD 20, Pomona: Connie is presently a high ranking official of California’s UFCW and President of the CA Labor Federation. There is no stronger labor advocate than Connie and she promises to continue that advocacy in the state Senate.

Kevin DeLeon: S D 24, Los Angeles. Kevin is a member of CTA and in that role, prior to serving in our state Legislature fought hard against school vouchers which take revenue from public schools. In 2012, he authored and passed SB 1234, the CA Choices bill to assist families without access to employer-based retirement plans to save for retirement by putting money into well respected institutional investment plans to help them build a nest egg for a secure future. He is the President pro-Tempore of the Senate and in that leadership role is the most powerful member of our state Senate. His committees are the ones that sets the Senate’s agenda, recommend appointments of UC Regents and decide which bills will be heard and when.

John Garamendi: CD 3, Davis and surrounding areas. John has always been a tireless proponent of job creation, quality and affordable health care, education and scientific research. While he was a UC Regent, he fought to hold the line on student tuition increases and excessive executive salaries. He is presently a member of the House Armed Services Committee which oversees our National Labs at Livermore and Los Alamos.

Jerry McNerney: CD 9, Stockton and vicinity. Jerry has a Ph. D. in Mathematics and was an engineering contractor at Sandia National Lab in New Mexico and has started a manufacturing business to build wind turbines. He presently sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee which is directly involved with our National Labs at Livermore and Los Alamos.

Eric Swalwell: CD 15, Livermore, Pleasanton, Hayward. Eric’s Congressional District includes UPTE’s Livermore National Lab. He presently sits on the Committee on Science, Space and Technology and is the ranking member of the sub-committee on Energy and also serves on the Committee on Homeland Security. These committees have a lot to do with the oversight of our National Labs.

Lois Capps: CD 24, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties. Before serving in Congress, Lois was a nurse and public health advocate. She won office many years ago after her husband, who was a UCSB professor and Congress member passed away. She is committed to fighting for better schools, quality health care, Medicare reform for all, a stronger energy policy and addressing our national shortage of nurses. Lois sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee which has a lot to do with issues at our National Labs.

Julia Brownley: CD 26, Oxnard and Thousand Oaks. Prior to serving in Congress, Julia was a local School Board member and state Legislator where she was Chair of the Assembly Education Committee and a member of the Higher Education, and Education Budget Committees. She has won many awards for her advocacy for education. She presently is a member of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

Lucille Roybal-Allard: CD 40, Los Angeles area. Lucille was the first Mexican American woman elected to Congress, is a co-author of the Dream Act and is committed to fighting for comprehensive immigration reform. She sits on the powerful House Appropriations Committee and the sub-committees on Homeland Security, Labor, Health, and Human Services, and Education. She is the Senior democratic Whip.

Tom Torlakson: State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Tom is a high school science teacher and coach on a leave of absence for public service. Prior to his present position in state government, he was a city council and county supervisor and served in the state Assembly and Senate where he fought hard to protect funding for education. As Superintendent of Public Instruction, tom is a sitting UC Regent and has always been a strong proponent of both Labor and Education for all Californains.

Prop 45: Proposes to enact health care insurance rate regulation similar to that now in place for auto and homeowner’s insurance. If approved by voters, the initiative would: 1. Require changes to health insurance rates, or anything else affecting the charges associated with health insurance, to be approved by the California Insurance Commissioner before taking effect. 2. Provide for public notice, disclosure, and hearing on health insurance rate changes, and subsequent judicial review. 3. Require sworn statement by health insurer as to accuracy of information submitted to Insurance Commissioner to justify rate changes. 4. Exempt employer large group health plans under any circumstances. 5. Prohibit health, auto, and homeowners insurers from determining policy  eligibility or rates based on lack of prior coverage or credit history.

Prop 47: Criminal Sentences. Misdemeanor Penalties: reduces felony to misdemeanor offences for certain drug possession offences, and petty theft, receiving stolen property, and forging/writing bad checks, if the amounts involved are less than $950, except if the person was previously convicted of crimes such as rape. Murder, child molestation or is a registered sex offender. The savings would be applied to mental health and drug treatment programs, K-12 education, and crime victims. This Proposition is supported by Law Enforcement, Crime Victims, Teachers, the California Labor Federation and CWA D9.

Every year in Sacramento, advocate groups fight over funding for social programs, education, and funding for many other important issues. But each year, we are up against a smaller and smaller piece of the funding pie because of a ever increasing amount for prison spending. A disproportionate amount of our state revenue currently goes to our prison systems. If passed, Prop 47 would dedicate hundreds of millions of dollars to K-12 schools, crime victim assistance, mental health treatment, and drug treatment, which would also free up more of our state’s limited revenues for other important social programs, as well as CA Community Colleges and Universities.

California State Assembly:

  • 1 No endorsement
  • 2 Jim Wood (D)
  • 3 Jim Reed (D)
  • 4 Bill Dodd (D)
  • 5 No endorsement
  • 6 Brian Caples (D)
  • 7 Kevin McCarty (D)
  • 8 Ken Cooley (D) Labor = 70%
  • 9 Darrell Fong (D)
  • 10 Marc Levine (D – Hi Ed Comm.) Labor = 77%
  • 11 Jim Frazier (D) Labor = 94%
  • 12 Harinder Grewal (D)
  • 13 Susan Talamantes Eggman (D) Labor = 93%
  • Susan Bonilla (D) Strong UPTE Ally labor = 97% and strongly supported AB 2705 (Concord)
  • 15 DUAL Elizabeth Echols (D) and Tony Thurmond (D)
  • 16 Tim Sbranti (D)
  • 17 Dual David Campos (D) and David Chu (D)
  • 18 Rob Bonta (D) Labor = 100%
  • 19 Phil Ting (D) Labor = 96%
  • 20 Bill Quirk (D - Lifetime UPTE member and ally) Labor = 97% (Hayword)
  • 21 Adam Gray (D) Labor = 62%
  • 22 Kevin Mullin (D) Labor = 97%
  • 23 No endorsement
  • 24 Rich Gordon (D) labor = 90%
  • 25 Kansen Chu (D)
  • 26 No endorsement
  • 27 Nora Campos (D) labor = 100%
  • 28 Evan Low (D)
  • 29 Mark Stone (D) labor = 100%
  • 30 No endorsement
  • 31 Henry T, Perea (D) labor = 73%
  • 32 Rudy Salas (D) Labor = 62%
  • 33 No endorsement
  • 34 Virginia Mari Goodman (D)
  • 35 No endorsement
  • 36 Steve Fox (D – Hi Ed Comm.) labor = 66%
  • 37 Das Williams (D - Strong UPTE ally and chair of Hi Ed) Labor = 100% and author of AB 2705 (Santa Barbara and Ventura)
  • 38 No endorsement
  • 39 Raul Bocanegra (D) labor = 90%
  • 40 Kathleen Henry (D)
  • 41 Chris Holden (D) labor = 100%
  • 42 Karalee Hargrove (D)
  • 43 Mike Gatto (D) Labor = 97%
  • 44 Jacqui Irwin (D)
  • 45 Matt Dababneh (D)
  • 46 Adrin Nazarian (D) Labor = 100%
  • 47 Cheryl Brown (D) Labor = 83%
  • 48 Roger Hernandez (D – Chair of Labor) Labor = 100%
  • 49 Ed Chau (D) Labor = 100%
  • 50 Richard Bloom (D – Hi Ed Comm) Labor = 93%
  • 51 Jimmy Gomez (D – Real friend of Labor) labor = 100% (Los Angeles)
  • 52 Freddie Rodriguez (D)
  • 53 Miguel Santiago (D)
  • 54 Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D)
  • 55 No endorsement
  •  56 Eduardo Garcia (D)
  • 57 Ian Calderon (D) labor = 97%
  • 58 Cristina Garcia (D) Labor = 83%
  • 59 Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D – Hi Ed Comm.) Labor = 100% (Los Angeles)
  • 60 Ken Park (D)
  • 61 Jose Medina (D – Hi Ed Comm.) Labor = 93%
  • 62 Autumn Burke (D)
  • 63 Anthony Rendon (D) Labor = 100%
  • 64 No endorsement
  • 65 Sharon Quirk-Silva (D – Hi Ed Comm; Targeted race) labor = 90% (Fullerton)
  • 66 Al Muratsuchi (D) Labor = 73%
  • 67 No endorsement
  • 68 Anne Cameron (D)
  • 69 Tom Daly (D) labor = 69%
  • 70 Patrick O’Donnell (D)
  • 71 No endorsement
  • 72 Joel Block (D)
  • 73 Wendy Gabriella (D)
  • 74 No endorsement
  • 75 No endorsement
  • 76 No endorsement
  • 77 No endorsement
  • 78 Toni Atkins (D – Speaker of Assm. Targeted race) Labor = 100% (San Diego)
  • 79 Shirley Weber (D – Hi Ed Comm. Targeted race) Labor = 100% (San Diego)
  • 80 Lorena Gonzalez (D) Labor = 100%

California State Senate

  • 2 Mike McGuire (D)
  • 4 C.J. Jawahar (D)
  • 6 Dual Richard Pan (D Labor = 94%) and Roger Dickinson (D Labor = 100%)
  • 8 No endorsement
  • 10 Bob Wieckowski (D) Labor = 100%
  • 12 Anthony Cannella (D) Labor = 42%
  • 14 Luis Chavez (D)
  • 16 No endorsement
  • 18 Robert Hertzberg (D)
  • 20 Connie Layva (D – President of California Labor Federation and targeted race)  (Pomona, San Bernardino, and environs)
  • 22 Ed Hernandez (D) Labor = 100%
  • 24 Kevin deLeon (D – New President pro-Tempor of Senate and targeted race) Labor = 96% (Los Angeles)
  • 26 No endorsement
  • 28 Ne endorsement
  • 30 Holly Mitchell (D) Labor = 91%
  • 32 Tony Mendoza (D)
  • 34 Jose Solario (D)
  • 36 No endorsement
  • 38 No endorsement
  • 40 Ben Hueso (D) Labor = 96%

US Congress:

  • 1 Heidi Hall (D)
  • 2 Jared Huffman (D)
  • 3 John Garamendi (D – Strong Labor, CWA and UPTE ally)  (Davis)
  • 4 No endorsement
  • 5 Mike Thomson (D)
  • 6 Doris Matsui (D)
  • 7 Ami Bera (D)
  • 8 Paul Cook (D)
  • 9 Jerry McNerney (D – Strong UPTE ally) Stockton and vicinity)
  • 10 Michael Eggman (D)
  • 11 Mark DeSaulnier (D – longstanding UPTE ally)
  • 12 Nancy Pelosi (D – Targeted race)
  • 13 Barbara Lee (D – true friend of Labor)
  • 14 Jackie Speier (D – Longstanding UPTE ally)
  • 15 Eric Swalwell (D – Strong UPTE Ally, Targeted Race) (Livermore, Pleasanton, Hayward)
  • 16 Jim Costa (D)
  • 17 Mike Honda (D – Friend of labor)
  • 18 Anna Eshoo (D)
  • 19 Zoe Lofgren (D)
  • 20 Sam Farr (D)
  • 21 Amanda Renteria (D)
  • 22 Suzanna Aguilera-Marrero (D)
  • 23 No endorsement
  • 24 Lois Capps (D)
  • 25 No endorsement
  • 26 Julia Brownley (D – strong UPTE and Labor ally; Targeted Race) (Oxnard and Thousand Oaks)
  • 27 Judy Chu (D)
  • 28 Adam Schiff (D)
  • 29 Tony Cardenas (D)
  • 30 Brad Sherman (D)
  • 31 Pete Aguilar (D)
  • 32 Grace Napolitano (D)
  • 33 Ted Lieu (D – Very Labor Friendly)
  • 34 Xavier Becerra (D)
  • 35 Norma Torres (D)
  • 36 Raul Ruiz (D)
  • 37 Karen Bass (D)
  • 38 Linda Sanchez (D)
  • 39 Peter Anderson (D)
  • 40 Lucille Roybal-Allard (D – Very Labor Friendly)
  • 41 Mark Takano (D)
  • 42 Tim Sheridan (D)
  • 43 Maxine Waters (D – Very Labor Friendly)
  • 44 Janice Hahn (D – Longstanding CWA ally)
  • 45 Drew Leavens (D)
  • 46 Loretta Sanchez (D)
  • 47 Alan Lowenthal (D – Long time CWA ally)
  • 48 Suzanne Savary (D)
  • 49 Dave Peiser (D)
  • 50 Jason Kimber (D)
  • 51 Juan Vargas (D = UPTE ally)
  • 52 Scott Peters (D)
  • 53 No endorsement

California Statewide Executive offices:

  • Governor Jerry Brown (D)
  • Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D)
  • Sec. of State Alex Padilla (D)
  • Attorney General Kamala Harris (D)
  • Controller Betty Yee (D)
  • Treasurer John Chiang (D)
  • Insur. Comm Dave Jones (D)
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson (longstanding UPTE ally Targeted Race)

California State Board of Equalization

  • District 1 Chris Parker (D)
  • District 2 Fiona Ma (D)
  • District 3 Jerome Horton (D)
  • District 4 No endorsement

California Statewide Propositions
Prop 43 Safe Drinking Water: CWA D9 recommends YES
Prop 44 State Reserve Policy: Cal Fed Neutral and CWA D9 YES
Prop 45 Healthcare Insurance Rate Changes: Cal Fed Neutral, CWA D9 Neutral
Prop 46 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Dr. Medical Negligence Lawsuits: Cal Fed Neutral, CWA D9 NO
Prop 47 Criminal Sentencing Misdemeanor Penalties: Cal Fed and CWA D9 YES
Prop 48 Referendum to overturn Indian Gaming Compacts: Cal Fed YES, CWA D9 Neutral
Prop 49 Citizens United Advisory Question: Cal Fed and CWA D9 YES

Local Positions:

  • Palm Springs Unified School District Board: Dr. Vanessa Sheldon
  • Oakley City Council: Michael R. Dupray (UPTE Member)

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