Announcement of TX/RX Contract Ratification Vote
All Campuses, Medical Centers and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
March 15-19, 2010

The agreement contains up to 14.5% raises over the next three years (4.5%, 5% and 5%), a $1000 lump sum this July to make up for the lack of a raise in 2008/09 and 2009/10. We have $1.7 million (0.5%) equity pool that will be distributed to various titles that have major market inequities. UPTE-CWA members will make contributions to the pension plan, including the re-direct of the 2% DCP contribution this year (this is the amount that already exists as a mandatory contribution), and an additional 1% in 2011 and 2012 under certain conditions. UC will contribute 4% this year and at least what we contribute in future years. There are defined limits on how much health benefits and parking can increase. None of the wage agreement is dependent on state funding of UC.

All TX/RX employees who have received notices of temporary layoffs will be allowed to convert them to START, and the START program will be extended through the end of the year. The contract exchanges our unfair labor practice against the temporary layoffs for the additional money in base-building raises detailed above. We will continue to oppose layoffs and time reductions where there are no real budgetary shortfalls. We will also continue to vigorously support the broad movement to support education funding and accountability at UC, starting with the jobs of our members who provide student services.

The contract includes a new health and safety committee with access to information about problems in the workplace, and release time for stewards to find solutions. We will dedicate the new contract language to the memory of Sheri Sangji, who tragically died in a preventable laboratory accident at UCLA last year.

More complete information including the actual contract language is available to UPTE members.

Non-members cannot vote in the upcoming contract ratification, and will not receive the details of the agreement until after the vote. We invite all non-members to fill out the membership form from our website or contact a local UPTE activist.

Non-members can also show up to any polling location and join on the spot to get member privileges.


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