Pete Goodman (1921-2010)
Pete at the 2008 UPTE Convention
The family of labor lost one of its fathers when UPTE founding president
Pete Goodman, 89, died on May Day.

Pete spent his life as a passionate, articulate force in support of the rights and dignity of working people around the world.

UPTE's executive board learned of
Pete's death as it began its May meeting and passed the resolution below in
Pete's honor.
pete1 From left, Cliff Fried, Brooks Sunkett, and Pete Goodman at the 2008 UPTE Convention
Resolution in Memory of Brother Pete Goodman

Our union brother, Pete Goodman, founding president of UPTE-CWA Local 9119, died today, May 1, 2010.

Pete was born to fight for the working class:

  • he was raised on the socialist/anarchist Ferrer commune in New Jersey;
  • he served on the Liberty Ships that fought in World War II;
  • he sailed the seas as a merchant marine;
  • he was a labor leader on the ships and was commonly fired in one port wherein his union brothers refused to load the ship until Brother Goodman was re-hired;
  • he was a ferocious and pioneering supporter of women’s and civil rights
  • he was a machinist and a labor educator;
  • he was a founding member and its first president of UPTE-CWA Local 9119, a member-run union at the University of California
  • he was proud of his work as a machinist and as a union militant;
  • he was a stalwart on picket lines from Spain to the US’ west coast ports;
  • he loved an Irish coffee that was heavy on Jameson and light on sugar
  • he was a father to two daughters and a union brother to thousands

Be it resolved this May Day, 2010 that the executive board of UPTE-CWA Local 9119 dedicates this weekend’s meeting to the memory of our brother Pete; and

Be it further resolved that UPTE-CWA Local 9119 will donate $1,000 to a cause designated by Brother Goodman’s daughters; and

Be it finally resolved that an appropriate resolution in honor of Pete’s union life and service will be brought to the 2010 UPTE convention and presented for approval by the delegates.

Mourn the dead, but fight like hell for the living.

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