E-Bulletin for University of California Administrative Professionals: April, 2009

Budget Inequities Continue

While UC President Mark Yudof continues to threaten layoffs, job furloughs and salary reductions, the UC Regents continue to approve pay increases and set exorbitant salaries for members of UC’s executive tier.  Employees who have bargained union contracts this year have negotiated pay increases that range from 3%-5% over multiple years. Employees without a union contract received 0%. While California’s budget remains in a precarious position, the University manages to find money for salary increases when it wants to and when it’s forced to.

In an unusual move, UCOP recently decided to respond to allegations by unions and others about the UC budget and UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus Charles Schwartz responded by pointing out the inaccuracies of UC’s document.

News from Around the Water Cooler: Administrative Professionals Meet in
Los Angeles

Administrative professional employees from around the state met in Los Angeles on April 18 to discuss the UC budget, job security, healthcare, UC’s pension plan, gender pay equity, UC’s “merit” pay system, health and safety, and other issues.  “It was great to share experiences and concerns,” said Andrea Simpson, a Senior Analyst at UCLA.  “It was clear to all of us that the protection of a union contract is the only real safety net at UC. Without a union contract, we’re not even acknowledged.”  Participants at the meeting also discussed ways of measuring our growing support for a union for administrative professionals as well as support for UPTE’s technical, research and healthcare professional members who are currently bargaining with UC. Join us at our next meeting on August 15th, on the Berkeley campus.

Watch Your Email – Survey Coming Soon
UPTE wants to know what matters to you on your job. Watch your email for a new survey that will be winging its way to you soon. How has the budget affected your department? Do you think you receive a lower salary because of gender bias? What matters more to you – pension, pay, or job security? Where do you go for help on the job?  We want to know what you care about so please fill out the survey and send it back to us soon.

Career Compass Rolls out New Job Classifications at Berkeley
Almost 5,000 non-represented non-academic staff at UC Berkeley were notified that they have new job titles, job descriptions, and pay ranges, thanks to Career Compass. This initiative has been underway for several years and just went “live” last week. The publicly stated goals of the program are to:

  • develop a set of job families, and categories within those families, that reflect the work staff do at Berkeley, in a logical and consistent structure that can be matched to the market from which Berkeley recruits its staff
  • develop clearly defined job standards and responsibilities
  • create a performance management system that links performance evaluation to those responsibilities
  • establish career development pathways defined by the new job standards.

While we applaud the goals of standardizing job descriptions and creating transparent job standards, UPTE is concerned about a number of aspects of the program, including:

  • Availability of additional funding for employees whose new pay range minimum is above their current pay rate
  • Uncertainty about the future salary plans for employees whose current pay rate is above their new pay range maximum
  • Implementation of and access to a career development program
  • Accuracy of the assignment of new job description
  • Consistency of job titles across the campus
  • Shifting of employees between overtime exempt and non-exempt positions

For employees at other campuses who wonder why this is important news to them, you should note that UCOP intends to implement the Career Compass program throughout the UC system once it has been piloted at Berkeley.

UPTE is interested in hearing how Career Compass is working out for affected employees at Berkeley. Please contact us at ap@upte-cwa.org and let us know. 

To-Do List

  • Sign the on-line “commitment card” that registers your support for a union for UC’s administrative professionals.

  • Join the union. Membership in UPTE is the most powerful way to take control over your career at UC.  If you have questions about the benefits of membership contact UPTE at ap@upte-cwa.org.   

  • Contact UPTE to set up an individual meeting where we can answer any questions you might have. We’d also be happy to meet with your co-workers if you’d all like to learn more about the UC budget, plans for the pension plan, reclassification, or other issues of concern.

This bulletin provides a resource for workplace issues affecting UC’s staff professionals and ways we can work together to solve them. It also keeps us updated on administrative professionals’ organizing efforts with the University Professional and Technical Employees union (UPTE).

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