E-Bulletin for University of California Administrative Professionals: September, 2009


UPTE members to strike on Thursday, September 24, 2009
After 18 months of bad faith bargaining, technical and research professional employees represented by UPTE-CWA voted to hold a one-day strike to force UC to conclude a contract. More detailed information about why these employees authorized a strike is available in the latest UPTE Update.

Administrative professional employees: Use furlough day to respect picket lines
UC’s administrative professional employees (analysts, programmers, student affairs officers, admin specialists, buyers, accountants, learning skills counselors and many others) have constitutional protections of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly that support our right to not cross picket lines. You don’t need to be a union member to support the union’s efforts to get UC to bargain in good faith.

Here’s how you can support the strike:

  • Use a furlough day to respect the picket line
  • If you’re not taking a furlough day, simply don’t cross the picket line – whether there’s one in front of your building or not. It is your constitutional right to support your colleagues who are on strike. If you encounter any difficulties with your supervisor, contact UPTE.
  • Join the picket lines for whatever time you are able. (Staying home doesn’t send as strong a message as helping on the picket lines.) Sign up for picket duty with your UPTE local.
  • To help offset any financial hardship, UPTE will provide strike gifts of $40 for all striking members who spend at least four hours on the picket line.
  • If you need to be at work, please join a picket lines before work or on your lunch break, and show your support by wearing a “Unity” button (available from your local UPTE office).
  • Attend your local union/faculty/student rally (most campuses will be holding teach-ins and/or rallies
    at noon).

Faculty urge walkout to re-claim the university’s mission                 
Faculty and student groups at most campuses have called for campus walkouts on September 24. Joining together all parts of the campus community is a powerful and inspirational sign that students, faculty and staff are willing to work together to preserve the University of California.

In their statement calling for the walkout, faculty wrote: “Under the cover of the summer months, UC administration has pushed through a program of tuition hikes, enrollment cuts, layoffs, furloughs, and increased class sizes that harms students and jeopardizes the livelihoods of the most vulnerable university employees. These decisions fundamentally compromise the mission of the University of California. They are complicit with the privatization of public education, and they have been made in a manner that flouts the principle of shared governance at the core of the UC faculty's capacity to guide the future of the University in accordance with its mission.”  Faculty walkout organizers have demanded no furloughs for those making under $40,000 a year, respect for the shared decision making of the Academic Senate, and budget transparency.

UC community votes “no confidence” in President Yudof
In a move that should surprise no one, 96% of nearly 10,000 faculty and staff voted last week that they have no confidence in UC president Yudof’s leadership. The vote took place on all campuses, was open to all employees, represented or not, and was sponsored by the UC Union Coalition.  A large proportion of the voters were administrative professionals.

Support your career at UC and the university’s mission
Stand up for yourself and the mission of the University of California. Your voice alone, no matter how eloquent, is not enough to protect your career, or protect UC from further damage from mismanagement. If you support a union for UC’s administrative professional employees – the only unit without union representation at UC and therefore the most vulnerable – sign UPTE’s commitment card. Signing a card indicates you will support union representation for administrative professionals unit in the near future. When a majority of us are on board, UC will have to listen to us.

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