eBulletin for Administrative Professionals
February 2011


How long has it been since you got a raise?
UC employees represented by unions have received regular pay increases. For instance, UPTE-CWA’s 10,000 research and technical employees received up to 15% over three years in their most recent contract. See the difference this makes over time. Union-represented workers also negotiate any changes to pension and health care benefits costs.

Most administrative professionals at UC have not had a raise in more than three years. Even worse, our wages have not kept pace with inflation, and we are not protected against furloughs, health care
premium increases, and possible pay cuts. The governor has proposed a 10% pay cut for all state employees not covered by union contracts, a proposal UC may try to copy.

Now is our chance to become union represented. If you are an administrative professional, sign an UPTE commitment card to say: “YES, I deserve a raise too! I will vote ‘yes’ for UPTE!”
“Whither” the University?
At many UC campuses, management has “initiatives” underway such as the “Committee on the Future,” “Operational Excellence,” and the “Shared Service Center”. All are defined as efforts by UC to address budget challenges. Some of them deal with specific business practices (standardization of forms, conversion from paper to electronic formats, etc.). Others are more wide-ranging and address consolidation of administrative and other support services, elimination of types of services, and conversion to common communication systems. Still others address some of the most challenging questions facing the University today:
  • Which students should have access to the University?
  • Can staff and faculty continue to provide excellent quality services with drastically reduced budgets and resources?
  • What defines a high quality education?
  • Who should determine the direction of research?
  • How much public funding is necessary for education to remain in the public’s domain?

UC employees care deeply about the University of California and about the services we provide.  Declining salaries and threats to our pensions and other benefits make career employment less and less likely. Institutional expertise is lost when employees can no longer afford to work for the University. While the initiatives allow us to offer our opinions as individuals, we are more likely to be heard when we use our collective bargaining power. Administrative professional employees (student affairs officers, programmers, admin specialists, analysts, buyers, accountants, library assistant Vs, and others) are organizing with UPTE-CWA Local 9119 because we want the benefits of a union contract and a more meaningful voice on the job. If you support a union, sign an UPTE support card.

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This bulletin provides a resource for workplace issues affecting UC’s staff professionals and ways we can work together to solve them. It also keeps us updated on administrative professionals’ organizing efforts with the University Professional and Technical Employees union (UPTE).

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