eBulletin for Administrative Professionals
April 2011

It’s time: Fair compensation for UC administrative professionals
Salaries for UC administrative professionals are continuing their years-long freefall decline. While our union-represented colleagues at UC negotiate regular pay increases and have a collective voice in their benefits and pensions, we don’t.

Even in these days of budget uncertainty, UPTE recently negotiated contracts that include up to 15% pay increases for UC’s research, technical, and health care professional staff over the next three years.

Budgets aren’t only about money. They’re about priorities. And the most effective way to make administrative professional staff a budget priority is through the collective voice of a union.

How can you help make that happen? Sign an UPTE commitment card today! Other union-represented employees are already at the bargaining table now negotiating protections to pensions. Administrative professionals urgently need these same rights.

At the graph below, you can see how staff salaries for union-represented vs. unrepresented staff compare at the University of California.

salary comparison: rep vs nonrep

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