eBulletin for Administrative Professionals
July 2011
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What is “Operational Excellence” and how does it affect me?
The university’s “Operational Excellence” program (which has different names at different campuses) is a series of programs designed to consolidate services and reduce costs. It is underway and many aspects have been implemented at some campuses, while other campuses are just getting started. For administrative professionals, it has sometimes meant new or changed job duties, work speed up, or even layoff.

Where did the idea come from?

Faced with declining state revenues, UC Berkeley contracted with the Bain Company, Inc. to make recommendations about how to cut costs. (There is skepticism about how much will ultimately be saved, as Bain’s initial contract was for $3 million, and the full contract period amounts to $11 million.) Bain made a series of recommendations, mostly cutbacks and consolidations in the “target areas” of human resources, informational technology services, financial services and research administration.
What happens in our workplace?
Typically job functions are removed from a department and reassigned to an existing or newly created “shared services” unit. Employees who previously performed those functions are laid off and invited to apply for a reduced number of job vacancies in the newly created unit.

Consequences: intended and otherwise

  • job losses
  • reduced services
  • increased workloads
  • loss of specialization
  • lack of responsiveness

What can we do to avoid these negative consequences?

  • Involve front-line service-providers in the discussions – not just high level managers
  • Fight to preserve
    • high quality services to students, faculty, researchers, and the public
    • reasonable workloads
    • acceptable response times
    • specialized services
    • good careers for qualified staff
    • access to education

Support UPTE for a voice in workplace changes
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