UPTE-CWA E-Bulletin: October 12, 2004

(1) TX & RX: Contract Expires. What Now?
(2) TX & RX: Bargaining Survey—Forfeit Raise Now for Two Days Off?
(3) TX & RX: Unions Join Forces for Step Wage Increases
(4) All Units: Unions Prevail in Holding Down Benefits Costs Increases
(5) Deadline to Register to Vote is Monday, Oct 18!

(1) TX & RX: Contract Expires. What Now?
In response to UC's still not agreeing to step increases that cost it nothing and insisting on many proposals taking away employee rights, UPTE has refused the University's request to extend the TX and RX contracts which expired on September 30.

With no contract in place, the University can no longer make many changes normally allowed under the contract. New work rules, including attendance policies and dress codes, schedule changes, reorganizations, benefits, leave policies, parking rates are all now locked in until UPTE members ratify a new contract. The University will also be required to pay for all overtime worked, unless the union agrees to individuals receiving comp time instead. For a full explanation of the effects of the contract expirations, see www.upte.org\contractexpires.html .

The contract for clerical workers (represented by CUE) also expired on September 30 and the contract for service workers (represented by AFSCME) expired last June. With UPTE, these unions have made a commitment to work together for step increases for all years of our contract. See article 3 below for more.

(2) TX & RX: Bargaining Survey—Forfeit Raise Now for Two Days Off?
The University has told the UPTE bargaining team that it is only willing to give two administrative days off if UPTE agrees to 0% raise this year and less than 1% for next year, in addition to no step wage increases for either year. UC has already sent out notice to unrepresented employees that they will get no raises this year and in return get two days off over the holiday break this year.

The UPTE bargaining team wants to give your input to UC. Fill out the bargaining survey being distributed in all workplaces. If you did not get one, you can fill it out online: www.upte.org/raisesurvey.html

(3) TX & RX: Unions Join Forces for Step Wage Increases
UPTE has formed a bargaining coalition with two other unions, CUE (representing clericals) and AFSCME (representing service workers), whose contracts have also expired. We will work together to educate and activate our members until we resolve our contracts with longevity step wage increase (from 2 - 4% depending on job title), and across-the-board increases at least equivalent to what UC gets from the state for our pay.

At each campus and throughout the UC system, our unions will be working together to coordinate activities. The unions representing the academic student employees, nurses, lecturers and librarians unions have also pledged their support for our effort to get fair raises.

(4) All: Unions Prevail in Holding Down Benefits Costs Increases
UC has heeded the strong demands of all UC unions to limit increases in health benefit costs this year. Last summer, union representatives told UC that our members could not survive stagnant wages combined with increases in benefits and parking rates. Next year, health benefits premiums will not rise, except for Pacific Care. The premiums for Pacific Care will double.

UPTE will demand that UC bargain over the increase in the Pacific Care premiums and UC will not be able to legally increase these premiums until we settle the contract. In all likelihood, UC will violate the law as they did with the lecturers a couple years ago, and UPTE will have to pursue an unfair labor practice charge.

UPTE will be posting more complete information and advice about the benefits on our website soon.

(5) Deadline to Register to Vote
The deadline to register to vote for the November 2 election is October 18, 2004. For more information, go to http://www.ss.ca.gov/elections/elections_vr.htm.

The UPTE E-Bulletin is prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn for all members.
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