UPTE-CWA E-Bulletin: December 10, 2004

(1) TX & RX: The “Whos” Want a Holiday, Gear Up For Money Talks
(2) Protect Yourself From New Worker's Comp Law
(3) Happy Holidays!!

(1) TX & RX: The “Whos” Want a Holiday , Gear Up For Money Talks
UPTE activists all over the state have sent emails to the UC Grinch asking why the “whos” (that's us) can't have 2-days off over the holidays. UC continues to demand that UPTE give up the possibility for wage increases in return for this no cost holiday. If you have not yet sent your email, a couple easy clicks from UPTE's Grinch Website sends a letter for you. UPTE has also placed Grinch ads in the campus newspapers and printed stickers. You can display both of these in your work place.

In response to UPTE's demonstration that the cost of step increases is balanced out by salary savings from staff turnover, the University has agreed to bring compensation experts to the bargaining table. While the UPTE bargaining team will present information discussed with members in our wage workshops (see wage information), we have done so before and UC continues to divert the turnover savings from our raises.

The Regent's budget proposal for next year includes a 3% increase as agreed to in the compact with the Governor. The University has already taken the position that 1.5% of this will go to across-the-board increases and they plan to divert 1.5% into merits that should be paid out of turnover savings. UPTE has shown that the University can afford a 3% across-the-board increase and step increases for those who are eligible.

(2) Protect Yourself From New Worker's Comp Law
New worker's compensation laws go into effect on January 1, 2005 that will limit your ability to use your own physician. To protect yourself, fill out a Physician Predesignation Form before January1, 2005. You can still submit the form after the new year but then you will be limited to selecting a physician who is already treating you.

The new law also severely curtails the ability to use worker's comp benefits for retraining if you are injured on the job. You can obtain free legal advice to help you maneuver through the complicated legalities by contacting UPTE at your campus.

(3) Happy Holidays
We wish everyone a restive and joyous holiday. Let's together welcome a new year with new beginnings!

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