UPTE-CWA E-Bulletin: December 27, 2004

(1) TX & RX: The Grinch gets Holiday Cheer -- UC Gives in to Demand for 2 Days Off!
(2) Now We Need Some Real Raises
(3) HX: 2 Days Off
(4) Corrected Physician Predesignation form for Worker's Comp

(1) TX & RX: The Grinch gets Holiday Cheer -- UC Gives in to Demand for 2 Days Off!
After months of discussion the University gave in at the last minute to demands that UPTE not forfeit step increases or extend their contract to get two days off over the holidays. After everyone had gone home for the holidays the University agreed to provide the days off with pay even if you have scheduled vacation. For those who planned to work they will have the month of January to take an additional 2 days off or if they work in a research setting they will have until the end of March. The complete details can be read on UPTE's website (2-Day Off Agreement).

The combination of pressure from members sending the Grinch emails to University administrators, newspaper ads, an unfair labor practice filed by UPTE regarding the campus closure and determined bargaining brought about the University's change of heart. Working together we have again succeeded in achieving our goals.

While the University buckled with regard to UPTE's demands, they did not make the same offer to the clerical union CUE. UC insisted that clerical employees accept no increase for the 2003/04 wages they are still bargaining for and made no provisions for providing the days off for the 1000's of clericals that work in the medical centers (also without a raise). UPTE urges all members to support efforts by clericals to achieve both the holidays off and a real raise.

(2) TX & RX: Now We Need Some Real Raises
Year after year we have seen raises that have not kept even with inflation, let alone our colleagues that work outside UC. In the current contract negotiations we have set the goal of changing our pay system so that we move up in our pay scales and get a decent increase each year. With the high turnover among research and technical employees, the University's turnover savings more than pay for step increases for those of us who stay. We want to hold UC accountable for the money they receive for our wages.

Over the coming months we will all have to make an extra effort to rally our allies in the legislature, among the faculty and the media to pressure UC to fix our pay system. The demand is simple: steps every year and across-the-board increases equivalent to state funding. For continuing employees that would mean minimum increases of 2%, 5% and 5% for three years. More in depth analysis is available on our website.

(3) HX: 2 Days Off
Health care professionals at the student health centers at a campus without a medical center will also receive the 2 days off with pay while campus is closed. This includes Riverside , Santa Cruz , Santa Barbara and Berkeley . The student health center employees at campus with a medical center received between 2% and 3% across the board increases bargained in the last UPTE contract and will receive additional increases this coming July. See the HX compensation article in contract for full details.

(4) Corrected Physician Predesignation From
If you filled out the physician predesignation for workers comp that was available on UPTE's website, please note that the physician's signature is “required” and not “optional.” The new laws have not been completely implemented and on some campuses UC is demanding the physician signature. To be safe, you should get it. The revised form is on our website at Predesignate Physician Form.

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