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UPTE-CWA E-Bulletin: July 21, 2009
Massive Opposition to Yudof’s Refusal to Consider Alternatives to Furloughs and Layoffs
(2) TX/RX Strike Vote Now
(3) Stop UC Closure of Poison Control Center and Veterinary Lab

(1) Massive Opposition to Yudof’s Refusal to Consider Alternatives to Furloughs and Layoffs
The opposition to the furloughs and layoffs proposed by UC President Mark Yudof and approved by the regents last week have angered and motivated the entire UC community to action. From staff picketing the regents’ meeting, to thousands of faculty and many chancellors and legislators speaking out publicly, the conclusion is unified: stop Yudof’s cuts and explore alternatives.

Many alternatives have been suggested, including savings through attrition and job placement, slowing UC’s expansion, utilization of reserves and executive pay cuts. Rather than seriously exploring these alternatives, Yudof has chosen the most harmful route to cut programs and furlough staff. The damage Yudof is causing to the state’s premier university will take many years to undo.

Instead of opening the books and working collaboratively to address the gap in state funding, Yudof has utilized his $4 million-a-year public relations department to strong-arm employees into accepting the furloughs or facing layoffs. The shortfall from the state budget amounts to only 2.5% of UC’s budget. UC’s federally-funded work, its medical centers and its endowments remain healthy. In fact, these budgets include funding for staff and faculty raises.

The emergency powers that the regents granted to Yudof will only serve to increase the unaccountability of a UC president who has little to no support. In a time of difficulty, Yudof’s actions have generated massive dissent instead of consensus. His salary is twice that of his predecessor, and even twice that of President Obama. His offer to take a 5% pay cut after receiving a 100% pay increase has done little to improve his credibility.

At the regents’ meeting, UPTE-CWA demanded more accountability from UC leadership, as well as budget alternatives that do not undermine the university to which we are dedicated. UPTE-CWA will work together with other UC unions, employees, students and faculty to protect our university from Yudof’s destructive agenda.

(2) TX/RX Strike Vote Now
Yudof has threatened layoffs in order to force unions to accept furloughs, and is refusing to bargain at the table. In answer, UPTE techs (TX) and researchers (RX) are voting this week on giving UPTE’s leadership the authority to call an unfair labor practice strike at the appropriate time, if necessary.

Check for polling locations near you. If you cannot make one of these polling locations and times, call your UPTE local to set up an additional location, or request an absentee ballot.

You must vote this week for your voice to count. If you are not yet an UPTE member, you can join at the polling location and then vote.

UC cannot unilaterally implement furloughs and must bargain the effects of any layoffs. It will take our unified voice to stop these proposals.

(3) Stop UC Closure of Poison Control Center and Veterinary Lab
Included in Yudof’s short-sighted and misguided cuts are the jobs of pharmacists that work for the UCSF-based poison control center, as well as a UC Davis veterinary lab which is critical for livestock and food safety.

The Poison Control Center takes over 300,000 calls per year, mainly from parents concerned about substances that their kids have ingested. Closing the Poison Control Center will not only eliminate a front-line health agency, but could result in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary emergency room visits, costing the state much more in the long run.

To save the poison control center call:
Senator Alquist (Chair of Senate Health): 916-651-4013
Assemblymember Jones (Chair of Assembly Health): 916-319-2009

The California Animal Health and Food Safety lab tests livestock and products for diseases communicable between domestic animals and humans like brucellosis, tuberculosis, salmonella, avian flu, and many other illnesses. Without this lab, our state will not be able to keep up with these tests. Our food safety will be at serious risk. UC must find a way to keep this lab open.

To save CAHFS, call these legislators:
Senator Florez (Chair of Senate Food and Agriculture): 916-651-4016.
Assemblymember Galgiani (Chair of Assembly Agriculture): 916-319-2017
Congressmember Costa (Fresno): 202-225-3341.

The UPTE E-Bulletin is prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn for all members.
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