UPTE-CWA E-Bulletin: October 13, 2009
(1) People or Profit Media Campaign & Teach-Ins Follow Up On Strike
(2) UC Proposing Cuts For Everyone … Including Non-State Funded
(3) No Furloughs For TX/RX/HX, UPTE Fights Temporary Layoffs

(1) People Or Profit Media Campaign & Teach-Ins Follow Up On Strike
To continue our pressure on UC administrators to settle our contracts, UPTE has launched a media campaign challenging UC President Mark Yudof’s corporatization of UC. We’re taking our message to the public with a campaign website (peopleorprofit.org) and billboards along the 880 freeway between the Oakland Airport and the Office of the President and in the Sacramento and Oakland airports. We have also placed ads in various news media important to education professionals, such as the education page of the New York Times website and the Chronicle of Higher Education. Become a fan on our Facebook page to stay tuned in and add your own comments.

Along with this public campaign, we’re reaching out to more union members with teach-ins over the next couple weeks. The teach-ins are planned in conjunction with faculty and students who are challenging Yudof’s cuts and student fee increases, and will cover UC’s financial situation, layoffs/furloughs, and holiday closures, as well as provide an opportunity for questions and dialog. Keep an eye on UPTE’s website and Facebook page for a schedule of teach-ins statewide.

All this leads up to the next round of demonstrations the week of November 16, when the regents meet in Los Angeles. Actions are planned on many campuses, leading up to one massive protest converging on Los Angeles.

(2) UC Proposing Cuts For Everyone … Including Non-State Funded
The latest informational flier details how UC is proposing a pay cut of at least $150 per month for all employees, on top of any cuts which might be negotiated due to the state budget shortfall.

Grant-funded employees or those working for the medical centers, who thought that they would at least stay even with what they are making, will be surprised to see that UC wants to give no raises while increasing costs for our pension, health benefits and parking.

In fact, UC has budgeted raises for most non-state funded employees. For reasons unclear to any of us, Yudof has insisted that his bargainers give no raises, even when there is money available.

(3) No Furloughs For UPTE TX/RX/HX, UPTE Fights Temporary Layoffs
You are not the only person that is confused about what is happening with Yudof’s cuts. The situation is in flux and we will keep sending updates as warranted. Here is the current status as of the writing of this bulletin.

UC has realized that UPTE will not accept a blank check on furloughs without a promise of no layoffs. UC bargainers have given up on their furlough proposal for UPTE. This means that the vast majority of those who UC wanted to furlough will not have their pay cut.

In some departments on some campuses, UC is trying various illegal schemes to impose its cuts anyway. Some departments have threatened to issue, or have issued, temporary layoffs equivalent to the amount UC wanted to furlough employees. This practice is clearly illegal, and UPTE has filed an unfair labor practice charge with the state’s labor board over it. UC cannot simply impose a pay reduction via layoff that it could not negotiate at the table. If you are faced with this situation, take a look at this web page with advice and contact your UPTE local.

If you have more questions, please attend a teach-in at your campus or email Jelger Kalmijn, UPTE-CWA president at president@upte-cwa.org.

UC has sent notice that it intends to close some campus departments for extended periods during the winter holidays. UPTE has filed an unfair labor practice charge with the state’s labor board for failure to bargain over this extension of the holiday break.

Until the board issues a ruling on this charge, UPTE members with contracts have the option to take vacation or compensation time and will be paid for this time. UPTE’s administrative professional members without a contract already have a pay cut every month due to the furlough program, and will not have any additional pay cut for the winter break.

The UPTE E-Bulletin is prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to write him at president@upte-cwa.org.

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