UPTE-CWA E-Bulletin: November 04, 2009
(1) Get On The Bus To LA: Join Thousands to Protest No Contracts, Student Fee Increases, and Layoffs (Temporary and Permanent)
(2) HX: from Medical Centers to Student Health Centers, UC Has Money for Raises but Refuses
To Bargain

(3) Health Care Reform: Your Calls Are Making A Difference, Keep Calling
(1) Get On The Bust To LA: Join Thousands to Protest No Contract, Student Fee Increases, and  Layoffs (Temporary and Permanent)
Many UPTE members are taking November 19 off to converge on the regents’ meeting in Los Angeles, as they consider actions to further re-orient our university away from public education and service. Students, staff and faculty are planning a massive demonstration to make sure our voices are heard. Whether you are an employee on grant funding that is taking collateral damage from UC President Mark Yudof’s “no raises and pay cuts for benefits” plan, or are being threatened with temporary layoff, this is the time to make a stand. Sign up for a seat on the bus or van at your campus.

We asked some of those going to explain why the day is so important.
joanJoan Lichterman, UCB
“Why is there money for market equity for executives and massive new construction and I’m paid 20% under market rate and the library I work in just cut hours? These priorities make no sense for Californians.”
Rich Kacmar, Computer Resource Specialist, Scripps Institute of Oceanography Library, UCSD

“We had more than 5,000 staff, students and faculty protesting the hijacking of UC on the Berkeley campus on September 24. Let’s take that energy to LA!”

Joan Lichterman, Editor, School of Public Health, UCB

“My grant has money for my raise. Why am I forced to spend it on new computers or carpet instead of wages when I am already 20% to 30% behind market compensation?
Rita Kern, Staff Research Associate, Department of Medicine, UCLA

"The forced temporary layoffs are illegal and very harmful to us. UPTE has tried to bargain a fair solution that helps UC financially, but gives us job security in return for any negociated pay cuts.”
Phil Johnston, Computer Resource Specialist, Audio Visual Services, UCSC
philPhil Johnston, UCSC

(2) HX: from Medical Centers to Student Health Centers, UC Has Money for Raises but
Refuses To Bargain

UC administrators and bargainers admit that there is money for health care professional raises. They just refuse to bargain it because they have a directive from President Yudof that no one is to get raises, no matter how much profit the medical centers make, and even though the student health centers receive almost no state funding.

Sign the UPTE petition to medical center executives and campus chancellors to put the money on the table, and to defend our benefits now and when we retire. The petition is being circulated by UPTE activists statewide.

(3) Health Care Reform: Your Calls Are Making A Difference, Keep Calling
Our calls got a public option back on the health care reform agenda. Now we need to ensure that Congress does not vote to tax our health care benefits at UC, and instead requires all employers to pay their fair share.

Call today! Even if you have already called, call again to keep the pressure on so the progress we have made is not eroded by those who want no change.

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