UPTE-CWA E-Bulletin: November 19, 2012
(1) So Many Election Wins: We Did It!  
(2) TX/RX Bargaining Starts, HX To Make Pension Proposal 
(3) UC Benefits Open Enrollment: Relevant Highlights 
(4) Transition To Bi-Weekly Pay At UC Campuses
(5) Part-Time Faculty Take Lead In Signing Up Their Co-workers
(6) AP Activists Stepping Up
(1) So Many Election Wins: We Did It!
Member-to-member education and advocacy beat corporate wealth this election. The effort to stifle unions with Proposition 32 and the need to fund public education with Proposition 30 drove our members and supporters to the polls with great results:
  • Bill Quirk, an UPTE-CWA retiree member from the Lawrence Livermore Lab was elected to the State Assembly member from the 20th District (in between San Jose and Oakland)
  • A super majority for Democrats in both houses of the California legislature
  • Several of the most anti-worker congress members were defeated: Brian Bilbray and Dan Lungren
  • San Diego elected a Democrat mayor and city council majority
  • Three-strikes legislation was altered to affect those convicted of non-violent crimes

With the defeat of Proposition 32 we need to take advantage of the right to contribute to worker friendly political candidates. UPTE-CWA does not use dues money to support candidates. We encourage all members to sign up for voluntary payroll deduction to our political action fund. You can do this by filling out the appropriate line on our membership form and handing it in to our local UPTE office. We recommend a minimum contribution of $5/paycheck--the cost of 1-2 lattes!

(2) TX/RX Bargaining Starts, HX To Make Pension Proposal
While we complete the collection of our bargaining survey over the next month, our TX/RX bargaining team will hold the opening session of bargaining on the Berkeley campus on December 13 and 14. We encourage all members to attend. Those who cannot attend in-person may view the report on the UPTE Youtube channel where it will be posted shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, our HX bargaining team will present our first retirement proposal to UC. HX members across the state will meet the weekend of December 15 to make plans to escalating pressure on UC for not settling wages last year.

(3) Benefits Open Enrollment: Relevant Highlights
You have two more days to change your open enrollment decisions. The deadline is Tuesday, November 20, at 5:00 PM.

Because the HX contract has expired, the rate increases do not apply if you are a health care professional.

The TX/RX members on Blue Cross PPO will not pay the increased rates for any family configuration because the increase exceeds the allowable limit in our contract. Any increase in rates will not go into effect until we negotiate a new contract late next year.

Reviewing the increases, UC has once again increased rates for band 1 (lowest paid) employees by up to 20 times as much by percentage as those for band 4 (highest paid). If raises were allocated the same way, every time the executives got a 1% raise we would get a 20% raise! UC's human resources executives have collapsed the pay bands so that an employee who makes three times as much only pays twice as much for their health care.

(4) Transition To Bi-Weekly Pay
Hourly employees at campuses not already on bi-weekly pay will switch in January. UPTE-CWA was able to negotiate an interest-free loan of up to $1000 and/or payout of up to 80 hours accrued vacation or comp time to assist members with the transition.

We recommend that members take advantage of these options by the deadline set at each campus as soon as possible. At the affected campuses, hourly employees will receive a paycheck for only
20 days of work on February 1 instead of the full month’s pay. The next pay check will be on
February 13 for 2 weeks pay. Afterwards paychecks will be issued every other Wednesday.

You can view the agreement and the attachment to agreement between UPTE and the University.

(5) Part-Time Faculty Taking The Lead In Signing Up Their Co-workers
Part-time faculty UPTE-CWA members at College of the Sequoias  and Mt. San Jacinto Community College won the first and second place awards for the highest number of new members signed up by members (as a % of current membership). Butte Community College actually signed up even more members but did not win the award because their overall membership is already higher. We are off to a great start at building strong independent locals at these new UPTE-CWA affiliates.

(6) AP Activists Stepping Up
Our campaign of AP’s to win bargaining rights is more and more focused on developing member activists. The activists will advocate about UPTE to their co-workers, getting more signatures for a union election.

At the same time, AP’s have started speaking out on their issues. Nearly 1400 AP’s signed a petition in less than a week demanding that with the passage of Proposition 30 the Regents approve pay increases. UPTE's Vice President Lisa Kermish presented the petitions at the Regents meeting
last week.

The UPTE E-Bulletin is prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to write him at president@upte-cwa.org.

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