UPTE-CWA E-Bulletin: January 18, 2013

(1) Many Pay Changes 
(2) Help Break the Gridlock in Congress 
(3) On Jan 31, Speak Up for Our Post-Employment Benefits and Support HX 
(4) UPTE-CWA Video: Paul Brooks on Preserving Our Pension 
(5) Benefits for UC Academic Student Employees

(1) Many Pay Changes
You may have difficulty figuring out what happened to your paycheck the next couple months. There have been tax changes, benefits costs changes, union-negotiated raises and dues. Here is list that will help you navigate (from: http://atyourservice.ucop.edu).

Effective First Pay Check After Description of Change Amount Affects Who?
1/1/13 Health benefit premiums changes. Health benefits are paid in advance. Co-pay changes for some services. Varies based on plan and family coverage. See UCOP website. Everyone except HX unit members, who are in status quo
1/1/13 Expiration of 2% Social Security payroll tax reduction 2% of pay Everyone
2/1/13 Step increase raises

2% to 2.3% of pay

TX and RX unit members

3/1/13 Increase in union dues cap Up to $5 per month TX/RX and Livermore skilled trades unit members making more than about $50,000

If you have any questions, please contact your UPTE steward through your local UPTE office. Check your paystub because mistakes can be corrected.

(2) Help Break the Grid Lock in Congress
The byzantine rules of the US Senate allow even one senator to stop debate and voting on any issue, without even having to appear on the Senate floor to filibuster. In the last few years, more bills and appointments have languished or died with no discussion or vote than ever in US history. Bills from the DREAM Act to the Employee Free Choice Act have not seen the light of day.

This can change and you can help. Call your senators today and ask them to co-sponsor Senate Resolution 4. Here’s the toll-free number set up by Ute’s national union CWA: 866-937-5062. It only takes a moment of your time. The CWA website has more detailed information.

(3) On Jan 31, Speak Up for Our Post-Employment Benefits and Support HX 
Join in the coalition contract action on January 31! The AFSCME service contract is expiring that day. Ute’s health care professionals (HX) have gone more than a year without a raise. UC continues to insist on creating second-class employees with reduced post-employment benefits, and is using any way possible to pressure employees to accept this cut. We’re dedicated to quality patient care and public service. UC employees make our careers here at the university, with the promise that we’ll be able to retire on a fair pension.

The University of California is an institution of public service, not place for corporate-like executives to make their millions. We can balance our budgets to ensure retirement security for all if we keep our priorities straight. Quality public service requires quality jobs.

Look for flyers with details about our coalition events on January 31, 2013 soon. We’ll see you there!

(4) UPTE-CWA Video: Paul Brooks on Preserving Our Pension
In the newest installment of short videos for our contract campaign, Paul Brooks, whom we elected to serve on UC’s pension advisory board, talks about why our pension is underfunded and the national context of our fight to preserve it.

(5) Benefits for Academic Student Employees 
Up’s graduate students employees, who teach many sections and grade papers, get sick too -- sometimes really sick. But they don’t even get the coverage mandated by the US Affordable Care Act. The UAW, which represents these workers, has set up a petition for the requesting that UC match the standards in the Affordable Care Act. Please go to the UAW’s website to sign the petition.

The UPTE E-Bulletin is prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to write him at president@upte-cwa.org.

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