UPTE-CWA E-Bulletin: September 19, 2013
Our choice:

  • UC’s proposal: Give up 5-15 years of retirement with no raises, and permanently create second-class employees.

  • UPTE-CWA’s proposal: Modest raises and an additional contribution to secure equal retirement for all.
Our bargaining team has proposed a contract that keeps everyone on a single retirement tier without costing the university a penny more than its own proposal. The 1-2% additional contribution the union has offered over the contract more than makes up for the savings the university will make with a second tier.

How do we convince UC to accept this proposal? Sign a strike pledge card now!
Our team has done their part in putting forward a proposal that UC can accept. Now we need to support them by backing up their proposal with a strike threat that will bring UC to the bargaining table.

We are now in the final stages of bargaining and decisions need to be made in the next weeks. Sign a strike pledge card now to show UC we won't give up our future and we deserve fair raises. Get your co-workers to sign as well. Watch your email for strike vote information.

For a full description of UPTE-CWA's and UC's proposals, see this comparison table and check UPTE's website for additional information.
The UPTE E-Bulletin is prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to write him at president@upte-cwa.org.

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