September 20, 2017

(1) Sign-up For Unity Town Hall To Protect our Pensions From Wall St.

The three unions that unified to preserve our maximum pension benefits three years ago are pulling together again. UC is now bringing Fidelity Investments in to convince new hires to opt out of their (and our!) pensions. RSVP for the Unity Town Hall at your campus or medical center so we know we can count on you.

(2) Urgent Legislative Action on Health Care Before Millions Get Cut Off
(from UPTE's national union, CWA)

After so many failed attempts, opponents of the Affordable Care Act have introduced yet another health care repeal bill in Congress, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Call 1-888-966-9836 or click here now to tell your Senator to oppose the new health care repeal bill, called Graham-Cassidy.

Republicans have been campaigning on “repeal and replace” for seven years, but they have never come up with an actual plan to replace the Affordable Care Act that improves access to health care.

This Graham-Cassidy health care repeal bill is being sold as a compromise, but it isn't. It’s just as bad and if not worse than bills that health care opponents have tried to pass in the last year. It increases costs, eliminates protections for people with pre-existing conditions, drastically changes how our entire health care system works, and eliminates coverage for millions of Americans.

This latest attack on healthcare is on a tight deadline. Health care opponents want to ram their bill through the Senate by September 30th, so they can pass it using legislative tricks. Call 1-888-966-9836 or go to to get in touch with your Senators today to let them know it's time to stop the attacks on health care.

After you call, sign up for UPTE’s Political Action Fund. We urgently need to elect lawmakers who support working people and PAF is how we fund them. UPTE uses no dues money for elections.

(3) UPTE Anti-Offshoring Bill AB 848 Passes Legislature, Goes To Governor’s Desk

Thanks to countless member emails and legislative visits, our response to UC’s plan to send our jobs overseas is one signature away from law! AB 848 (McCarty) will prohibit UC and CSU from laying off employees and replacing them with workers outside the U.S.

UPTE worked for this bill after UCSF laid off nearly 100 information technology (IT) workers, who were even forced to train their replacements.

We have to message the Governor to ask him to sign AB 848 into law! Please click here and send your message today! To assist in getting your message to the correct staff person, select "legislation issues/concerns" in the subject drop down menu.

We will know within 30 days if the Governor signs our bill. Stay posted. In the meantime, sign up for our Political Action Fund so we can support legislators like Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) who is sponsoring AB 848.

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