Union Builder Communicator: August 05, 2016
Special Webinars for Zone Contacts
As zone contacts for the union in your workplace, your coworkers look to you for information. They also provide their opinions and feedback about pay and other working conditions we negotiate as a union.

Attend a zone contact webinar next Wednesday, August 10, at either noon or 7PM. It’s easy -- sign up online and we’ll send you the weblink and phone number with directions. You can connect up by phone, tablet, or computer.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Introduce and get feedback on UPTE’s new zone contact resource website
  • Explain retiree health benefits and UPTE’s efforts to keep these benefits affordable
Zone contact webinar: Wednesday, August 10 at noon or 7PM--sign up here.

Union Wages v. UC's Arbitrary Merit Pay
As UC begins to distribute merit pay increases to non-union-represented staff, we are already hearing how these raises are far from purely meritorious. In many departments, management has been instructed to downscale performance evaluations in order to limit pay increases.

  • For satisfactory or meritorious work, non-union-represented staff get 2% or less.
  • Because managers are in the same merit pay pool as the staff, the less they give staff, the more is left for them.
  • The boss’ favorites get the biggest raises.
  • Longer-term employees get lower raises than newer ones because bosses figure they will stay for their pension no matter what.

Compare that to our UPTE-negotiated union raises where everyone gets the same cost-of-living raise. All TX and RX will receive a 3% raise this October, and all HX will receive a 2% raise plus a step increase in January. Whenever we get longevity step increases, everyone gets them unless they have unsatisfactory performance.

These type of fair raises mean UPTE-represented employees salaries are 26% higher than those of non-union-represented workers over the last decade!

UC Makes Me Sick
Do you want to be treated by a health care worker with the flu? Do you want your health care worker to send their kids to school sick? Of course not! But that is exactly what UC wants to impose on its physical and occupational therapists.

UC has held raises hostage for these workers until UPTE agrees that they forfeit vacation every time they are sick. That is bad employment and health care policy.

Visit the UC Makes Me Sick website and add your comments.

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This e-publication was prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. Contact him if you have any questions or comments.
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