Union Builder Communicator: October 07, 2016

Bargaining Time: What Do You Want?
UPTE members set our bargaining priorities. We will survey all our members, preferably face-to-face as we prepare for RX/TX/HX negotiations. All zone contacts will be asked to get the members in their zone to fill out the survey starting next week.

We ask about raises, benefits, job security and much more. Members can also add their own suggestions and comments.

Talking to all our members about the bargaining survey is the first part of our education and mobilization campaign to support our negotiations team. Only with pressure on management will we achieve the job improvement goals that we will strive for in our next contract

We Won Job Security for Adjunct Faculty with Bill in Sacramento
Last week Governor Brown signed SB1379 which requires all community college districts to negotiate job security in their union contracts. We achieved this improvement with assiduous and tenacious voicing of our needs to legislators at every step of the process.

Two of the UPTE adjunct faculty contracts do not have real job security, so passage of this bill will result in contract improvements for nearly 1000 UPTE members at College of the Sequoias and Mt San Jacinto community college.

Our success with this bill depended on having Jose Medina as a sympathetic legislator on a key committee in the Assembly. To get labor friendly law makers elected, we need to contribute to their electoral campaigns. UPTE does not use union dues for political contributions and relies on voluntary contributions to our Political Action Fund. If you have not yet signed up, please do so now. Fill out this form, take a picture of it and email to membership@upte-cwa.org.

UC San Francisco Wants to Send our Jobs to India
UCSF has contracted with an Indian IT mega-outsourcer to take over nearly 20% of the IT services. Abusing a loop hole in the H1B visa program, UCSF wants to force current employees to train their replacements before they are laid off.

UPTE has taken actions on many fronts to stop this outrageous use of public funds to eliminate California jobs. You can sign the petition opposing the outsourcing. We will host a town hall meeting at the UCSF campus on October 26 to inform and listen to employees. Legislators and the news media have taken an interest, especially given the sensitive nature of this topic in the election season.

Zone Contact Webinar

Sign up for our October zone contact webinar taking place next Wednesday at noon and 7PM. Pension, IT Outsourcing and our new bargaining survey will be discussed. You can also bring up any issues you would like addressed.

Zone contact webinar: Wednesday, October 12 at noon or 7PM--sign up here.

This e-publication was prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. Contact him if you have any questions or comments.
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