Union Builder Communicator: November 07, 2016

Special Guest!
Zone contact webinar: Know Your Rights

Have you ever had a question about a work place issue? Has a co-worker asked you for advice? Don’t miss this month’s webinar on Wednesday, November 9 at noon and again at 7PM!

This month’s webinar conversation will present basic work place rights under our contract. UPTE’s chief steward John Dermand will give counsel on how to get the information you need to find solutions. He will demonstrate how to research and apply our contracts.

Bring your questions and comments because the presentation will be interactive. If you have complicated issues, John may be required to complete the conversation after the webinar.

Sign up now for the webinar: November 9 at noon and again at 7pm
Legislators Exhort UC President Napolitano to Not Send Our jobs to India
Our campaign to stop the outsourcing of nearly 50 IT jobs at UCSF to India has gained momentum. Already four members of congress have written Napolitano and more letters are expected. The San Jose Mercury News and San Francisco Chronicle have reported on this outrageous abuse.

Welcome Business Technology Support Analysts

BTSA’s were erroneously excluded from the UPTE technical bargaining unit when the title was created. This means that about 300 UC employees lost out on many raises and were placed on an inferior pension plan. UPTE petitioned the labor board (PERB) to fix this effort to undermine our union work and is on the cusp of winning.

UC has already agreed that this job title appropriately belongs in the TX unit. This week UC also dropped its opposition to moving forward with this unionization based on the number of people involved. There will not be a vote and a chance for the University to pressure employees to stay out of the union.

We will move quickly to get surveys and complete bargaining for this group of IT workers.

Collect Bargaining Surveys
Bargaining surveys are now being delivered to all zone contacts. When you get a co-worker to do the survey, have them do it right-away and return it to you. We have many 1000’s to collect and will not have the resources to hunt down all the surveys that we leave behind. We are off to a good start the first week of collection. Talk to your local UPTE staff if you haven’t received the survey yet.

This e-publication was prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. Contact him if you have any questions or comments.
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