Union Builder Communicator: March 07, 2017
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(1) Great Turnout for Bargaining Conference: Priorities Set
Nearly 100 UPTE activists came to Sacramento to discuss and debate provisions of a just new union contract. Delegates from all over the state reaffirmed the highest priority will be to win longevity step increases, in addition to a fair cost of living raise. Protecting our pension was also agreed as a top priority.

The surveys filled out by you (zone contacts) and your co-workers pointed to some surprising concerns. These include:

  • limiting any increase in the cost of health benefits
  • job security such as improved preferential rehire
  • employee representation on the pension board
  • day care
  • payment outside regular work hours (e.g. over time, shift differential)

We elected bargaining teams for the TX/RX and HX units from each campus.

SF Brandon Sessler
Jason Rosenbury
Sonia Moscardon
Elizabeth Milos
Elisa Cleveland
Paul Phojanakong
IR Enrique Trinidad
Karen Chang
Eric Wise
Michele Freeman
Juliana Emert
Kimberly Klinger
LA Tom Brewer
Robbie Harris
Josephine Ratikan
Angie Mondragon
BK   Dan Russell
Matheson Ott
RV   Not yet filled
MC   Mark Kosier
Kevin Two
SB   Bill Fitzpatrick
Damion Miller
LBL   Mike Dupray
Bill Rowley
DV Greg Wine
Alexis Roberts
Joe Spector
Karen Galbreath
Joaquin Chavez
SC   Melanie Young
Student Health Tobirus Newby
Marcela Corona

(2) UPTE Submits Bill in Sacramento To Stop Off-shoring IT Jobs
An Assembly Bill, AB848, was submitted by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty to prohibit UC management from sending any more of IT jobs to India as they have done at UC San Francisco.

We are currently recruiting co-authors among other legislators. If you are interested in helping advocate for this bill, contact the UPTE legislative director Amy Hines.

(3) Join Reclaim Higher Education Coalition Advocate for Free Higher Education
This Wednesday, March 8, allies from across all of higher education will converge in Sacramento to launch our campaign to make free higher education a decisive electoral issue for our next governor (whoever that may be).

Please join us! Come to Sacramento and learn how to speak to lawmakers about an issue you support. We have 2-3 more slots open for UPTE members. Contact the UPTE legislative director Amy Hines to secure your spot.

This lobby day will introduce the recently issued white paper making the case for free higher education.

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This e-publication was prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. Contact him if you have any questions or comments.

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