Union Builder Communicator: August 08, 2017
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(1) Zone Contact Webinar Tomorrow, 8/9
Join our Zone Contact Web Discussion with UPTE President Jelger Kalmijn tomorrow: Everything you've always wanted to know about health care reform. Tomorrow at noon and 7PM.

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(2) The bargaining Chips are Down
UC has already proposed to undermine our pension plan. The UC bargainers have yet to make any wage proposals or substantively respond to any UPTE wage proposals. You can stay on top of the latest bargaining updates on our website.

(3) Student Services Professionals Organizing with UPTE
All across the state, student services professionals are participating in organizing training to prepare an effort to win the benefits of an UPTE contract.

They have suffered many years without any pay increase in the last decade and have no say over changes to their pension and benefits. At the same time, their workload has become ever greater as UC reduces workforce during every recession but then never rehires. Check out the new developing website by the UPTE student services professionals. Let us know what you think.

(4) Governor Signs Bill to Improve Union Communication
UC will now be required to provide UPTE with the actual work location and home contact information for all new hires and current employees. This bill (AB119) went into effect on July 1!

This will greatly facilitate our ability to interact with members of our bargaining units. Our staff and activists spend countless hours roaming buildings on campus to look for us. Now we can spend the time having the conversations and communications important to educate and get feedback from our members. ___________________________________________________________________________
This e-publication was prepared by UPTE-CWA President Jelger Kalmijn. Contact him if you have any questions or comments.