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UPTE Academy: sign up for seminars and trainings to increase your knowledge

Learning your rights and how to help your co-workers can make a world of difference at UC. UPTE offers members basic to advanced training to prepare them to bargain, arbitrate, lobby, organize and do media outreach. It’s called the UPTE Academy, and you can peruse the course listings at <www.upte.org/academy>. Here are two upcoming seminars.

Bargaining Training
Learn all aspects of bargaining, from UPTE’s democratic process of deciding on priorities and electing member negotiators, to writing and presenting proposals.

• At UPTE’s Berkeley systemwide office: November 15, 2014 to November 16, 2014. Trainers: Wendi Felson, former UPTE chief bargainer & Jelger Kalmijn, UPTE president

• In Chico: December 14, 2014 at the CWA 9414 office. Trainers: Jelger Kalmijn, UPTE president, Don Nikkel, and an attorney

Media Training
Do you want to know how to get media attention? Do you want to know how make a real impact when you get media attention? Here is your opportunity.

At UPTE’s Berkeley systemwide office and San Francisco’s Pacifica Media Workers Guild office: December 2014 (exact date to be determined). Trainers: Carl Hall, Pacific Media Workers Guild executive officer & Jelger Kalmijn, UPTE president

Other classes are also offered at the UPTE Academy. Check the website for upcoming sessions www.upte.org/academy:

Know Your Rights (1 hour). This basic introduction to your contract covers how to research workplace rules and solve problems. The class is often held over a lunch break or immediately after work.

A group of UPTE administrative professional members attending an organizing seminar

Steward Training (3 to 5 hours). Learn how to help your coworkers with workplace problems. Identify possible contract violations. Upon completion, stewards will be able to participate in grievance meetings with the support of a mentor.

Reclassification (1 hour). Learn how to submit your own reclassification request. Changes in your job assignment and level of independence at work play a key role. The union provides sample job descriptions to help you rewrite yours.

Wage Workshop (1 hour). This short class outlines ways you can increase your pay. Learn about equity increases, incentive awards, reclassification, and more ways you can get a raise.

Electoral (1 to 2 hours). Talk to co-workers and neighbors about the issues that matter to us and the broader labor movement. We can exert the power of our members who live in every legislative district in the state.

Health and Safety Training (1 to 4 hours). Learn about your rights and UC’s responsibilities under OSHA. Review the contract articles which apply to health and safety, the resources we have as union members to make our workplace safer.


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