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Occupational Health and Safety training attendees

participants Union members learning about occupational health and safety at Oakland’s CWA Local 9415 office: Sheila Williams, RN (UCD), Mathison Ott, scene tech (UCB), Joan Lichterman, UPTE’s health and safety director, Nino Maida, UPTE’s chief steward (UCSF), Jim Hockridge, television tech (UCB), Maggie Lazar (UCB’s Richmond Field Station). Joan Lichterman, photo

“It easily was the best union workshop I’ve ever attended,” said UPTE member Mike Fehr. “I was impressed mightily with Rodrigo, the trainer from the Tony Mazzocchi Center for Health, Safety and Environmental Education (TMC), a consortium of United Steelworkers, the Labor Institute, and CWA. He gave us a model for analyzing any safety event. And we barely scratched the surface of his knowledge. I’d highly recommend their training to any working person.”


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