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October raises for HX, TX and RX employees

The second year of raises for UPTE’s techs (TX), researchers (RX) and health care professionals (HX) contracts is here.

The below raises are not contingent on state funds or any other circumstances. The raises are applicable to all unit members including limited appointment and those on probation. Step increases only apply for those off probation and with a satisfactory performance evaluation. Not all HX unit members are on a step pay structure yet so the application of steps may vary between medical centers.


Bargaining Unit

Effective Date

Raise Amount




October 1, 2014




TX/RX at
Lawrence Berkeley Lab

October 1, 2014

3% merit pool




January 1, 2015

2% + step increases


Since July 1, 2014, members of these units have been paying the full pension contribution for this contract. There will be no more increases beyond the 9% we are currently paying.

UPTE-CWA activists are bargaining additional equity increases for selected titles, mainly in the HX bargaining unit. If you believe that your job title is compensated far below market rates, get involved in UPTE’s campaign for equity increases by contacting your local UPTE office.


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