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Remember the state’s Master Plan for Higher Education?

In 1960, California legislators joined with education leaders to develop and implement a visionary plan for higher education in California.

This plan saw education as the economic engine of the state, opening educational and economic opportunities to Californians who had been previously excluded.

The Master Plan laid out a system where the state’s top 12.5% of high school graduates would be accepted to UC, the top 33% accepted to the California State University, and anyone could go to the state’s community colleges at no cost.

Imagine: no student fees!

Back then, student fees were nearly zero and the state contributed more than 20% of UC’s budget.

Today, the state only contributes 7% of UC’s budget while fees, books and housing add up to $30,000/year. Students who qualify for loans graduate with overwhelming debt. Many never come to UC, or drop out because of the immense financial burden.

UPTE is working with other unions, student groups, faculty, and anyone else interested in re-kindling the Master Plan’s vision. Our future looks so much brighter when we have affordable, accessible education of the highest quality.


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