Legislative Action

Taimi Mulder wants more stable funding

UC legislative failure:
Over the past 30 years UC has failed to retain quality, affordable and accessible higher education as a state legislative priority. UC’s portion of the state budget is less than half of what it was 30 years ago.

Less state funding has meant lower pay increases and significant cuts across the board from teaching to agricultural research.


Less of UC's budget comes from the state. In particular, state-funded research has been nearly eliminated. Both the revenue from the UC hospitals and from grants far outstrip that from the state now.

UC diverts money from wages
What happens to the money that is in grants for raises, what happens to the budget raises that are never distributed at UC enterprises? They get “re-budgeted,” according to the former Associate Vice-President Wayne Kennedy.

What does this get re-budgeted to? We don’t know for sure but here are some educated guesses:

  • Hiring underpaid staff
  • Office, lab and other equipment
  • Raises for executives

Legislators have requested information from UC and the National Institutes of Health about where this money goes for a decade now without any substantive answer or change in policy.

The late Congressman George Brown wrote letters on UPTE-CWA’s request:

UPTE-CWA has called on legislators to request a General Accounting Office audit of the money that the federal grants provide for staff raises.

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