Threats to Quality Staffing: Staff Turnover

Research staff leave at the rate of 30% annually. More than 20% of information technology staff  leave every year. These rates of turnover exceed industry standards.  Staff leave because their pay is inadequate, their benefits are threatened and they have better opportunities elsewhere.

Turnover costs money:

  • Most positions take about 6 months of training to get fully up to speed. This takes the time of both the new hire as well as the trainer.

  • Posting, interviewing and selecting new employees takes time and resources away from our University work

Turnover hurts quality

  • Each time a trained employee leaves, UC loses the institutional and subject area knowledge vested in that employee

  • High turnover sets a ceiling on the overall ability to progress because the University cannot keep the most qualified and competent

  • When staff have no expectation of staying they focus on building a resume and preparing for their next endeavor which is not always what is best for a quality university

[link to white paper]

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