Preserving Quality Research at the University of California

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A Report by University Professional and Technical Employees/CWA Local 9119
January 1999

Contact: PO Box 4443, Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 704-UPTE phone / (510)704-8065 fax

Executive Summary

I. How UC Research is Funded, Administered, and Structured

A. Research Funding

B. The Administration of Research Grants

C. The Research Team and the Role of the Research Professional

II. How UC Human Resource Policies Undermine the Quality and Productivity of the UC Research Team

A. High Turnover

B. Inadequate Investment in Research Professionals

1. Stagnating Salaries

2. Temporary Employment

3. Low Pay and Temporary Employment Lead to High Turnover

III. How UC Diverts Federal and State Funds Granted for Researcher Compensation

IV. Conclusion

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The following individuals researched and wrote this report: Howard Ryan, Debbie Goldman,
Jelger Kalmijn, Jan Peersoon, Benard Cleyet, Tom Fielder, Judy Roberson, Bob Nordhause