RX/TX Bargaining Report #9
June 22 and July 6, 2011

The RX/TX benefits bargaining team met at UCOP offices in Oakland on June 22nd to discuss the 0.5% additional pension contributions UC proposed for 2011 and 2012 as well as 2011 healthcare premiums. The California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) had required UC to meet with UPTE to bargain further, rejecting UC' claim that it had bargained to impasse in good faith.

UPTE presented a conceptual healthcare proposal that would enable us to participate in UC’s 2012 health plan negotiations with vendors in addition to implementing a Retiree Health Benefits Trust Fund. UC rejected both items and continued to withhold information UPTE rightfully requested as part of the bargaining process. At the end of the day UC’s chief negotiator again requested that we go to impasse on healthcare negotiations.

On June 23rd,, PERB issued a complaint against UC alleging numerous Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges against the University for bad faith bargaining. Charges include UC’s plan to go to impasse before negotiations even started, failing to provide responses to our Requests For Information (RFIs), and failure to negotiate in good faith. An informal hearing on the ULP charges will be held at the PERB offices in Oakland on July 29th, and if no settlement is reached the case will go to trial.

In pension negotiations UPTE made a verbal, informal proposal.  We agreed to continue pension bargaining on July 6th.

On July 1st, UC again asked PERB to declare that an impasse exists over healthcare negotiations. We responded and are awaiting PERB’s determination.

At the July 6th negotiations, UC again refused to provide the actuarial data needed to independently verify the status of our pension fund, even though PERB has twice issued complaints against UC on this topic--the trial on the first complaint is in 2 months. Until UC provides the necessary pension data, UPTE cannot evaluate UC's proposal or counter it. UPTE did make clear that, if there was financial compensation to offset increased pension contributions, then further bargaining could be averted. UC rejected this idea and again refused to offer any alternative proposals.

UC also refused to agree to further bargaining sessions and apparently plans to try and declare an impasse in pension negotiations as well, so at the moment we are all waiting for determinations from PERB. PERB will either direct that the parties go back to bargaining or will find an impasse and direct that the parties go to mediation.

Your RX/TX Bargaining Team:
Wendi Felson, Chief Negotiator
Mike Fehr, Computer Resource Specialist, UCLA
Anthony Fernandez, Radiation Safety Technician, LBNL
Karen Galbreath, Animal Health Technician, UCD  
Bryan Pettengill, Computer Resource Specialist, UCSD