RX/TX Bargaining Report #1
UCB (December 13-14, 2012) 

Full contract negotiations began between UPTE, University Professionals and Technical Employees Technical (TX) and Research (RX) Professionals and University of California (UC) at UC Berkeley on December 13th and 14th, 2012. Negotiations got off to a spirited start with members present from Davis, LBNL, Berkeley, San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Many members made statements hoping for good faith negotiations by UC and expressed their opposition to the two-tier pension and the reduced retiree health care proposals.

On the first day of bargaining the bulk of the time was spent by UC asking UPTE to sign a “ground rules” document. The “rules” proposed by UC are not a mandatory subject of negotiation. The document proposed by UC would restrict our efforts to mobilize members and undermine our solidarity; UPTE did not sign it. This was followed a disagreement between UC and the Union over the whether UPTE will receive the contractually mandated five days of paid release time for the bargaining team to write initial contract proposals. UPTE brought several proposals to the bargaining table and the team has been developing many more. UC continued to insist on proposals for all 42 articles in our contract, which they know to be an unrealistic demand given five days to work on these. UC’s posturing clearly signals their intent to obstruct the negotiation process.  No other business was conducted on this day.

The second day of negotiations was more productive. A member from UC Davis expressed his concerns about the two-tiered system. Another member, with only four years in service, is concerned that he will be affected by UC’s reduced retiree health care plans. UPTE submitted several proposals covering Union Access, Labor/Management Meetings, Leaves for Union Business and Corrective Action/Discipline and Dismissal. UC did not submit any proposals.

The next round of negotiations is scheduled at UCLA on January 7–9. If you would like more information, would like to attend, make a presentation, or submit your market equity data, please let one of the bargaining team members know. As always we encourage members to observe the process, make a presentation, or come to support our goal of a fair contract. Feel free to contact your chief negotiator or your campuses bargaining team member regarding bargaining issues.  There still are open positions on the bargaining team for a few campuses. If you think you might like to be a bargainer, contact Wendi Felson.

Your bargaining team:
Wendi Felson, UCSF (ret.), Chief Negotiator
Jim Hockridge, Principle Television Technician (TX), Berkeley
Paul Brooks, Spectroscopist (RX), Berkeley
Karen Galbreath, Animal Health Technician (TX), Davis
Vanessa Bakula, Staff Research Associate (RX), Davis
Mike Dupray, Principal Radiation Control Technician (TX), LBNL
Mike Fehr, Computer Resource Specialist (TX), Los Angeles
Jie Luo, Staff Research Associate (RX), Los Angeles
Tonya Greene-Tucker, Clinical Research Coordinator (RX), San Diego
Paul Phojanakong, Laboratory Assistant (TX), San Francisco
Elisa Cleveland, Staff Research Associate (RX), San Francisco
Damion Miller, Principal Electronics Technician (TX), Santa Barbara