RX/TX Bargaining Report #2
UCLA (January 7 – 9, 2013) 

Our second contract bargaining session took place on the UCLA campus at the Ackerman Union building on January 7–9, 2013. The UPTE RX/TX bargaining team continued to submit proposals mainly on non-economic portions of our contracts, passing an additional five articles across the table and responding to one UC counterproposal.

UPTE has passed a total of 11 contract articles in the six days of our first two bargaining sessions, plus four non-economic articles to which the bargaining team has tentatively agreed. UC continues to harass UPTE for proposals despite having addressed one-third of the non-economic portions of our contracts already. UC is hoping to rush the process and circumvent our legal obligation to exercise due diligence on behalf of our members. Meanwhile, UC has offered only counterproposals and has yet to submit an original proposal of their own, despite notifying UPTE of their initial intent to make proposals on 30 contract articles. UPTE may file an unfair labor practice charge if UC continues attempting to deny us the ability to perform due diligence in bargaining.

On January 8, UCLA members were invited to observe UPTE pass two contract proposals across the bargaining table and address the UC bargaining team. Members from Radiation Oncology, Pulmonary Medicine, Hematology Oncology, and IT Services attended. Members asserted our needs for cost of living increases and maintaining current retirement benefits, flustering the UC Chief Bargainer into making statements such as “I feel your pain,” while making an annual salary in excess $100,000, and claiming the new pension and retirement health tiers are “the same but different.” UC cited the 20 years when it stopped contributing in claiming the pension is a problem. UPTE responded that only UC enjoyed a “contribution holiday” while continuing to deduct 2% from employee paychecks. UPTE is working with over 40,000 represented employees on a proposal to keep the same pension and retirement health benefits for all.

The next round of negotiations is scheduled at UC Davis on January 24th and 25th. If you would like more information, would like to attend, make a presentation, or submit your market equity data, please let one of the bargaining team members know. As always we encourage members to observe the process, make a presentation, or come to support our goal of a fair contract. Feel free to contact your chief negotiator or your campuses bargaining team member regarding bargaining issues. 

Your bargaining team:
Wendi Felson, UCSF (ret.), Chief Negotiator
Jim Hockridge, Principle Television Technician (TX), Berkeley
Paul Brooks, Spectroscopist (RX), Berkeley
Karen Galbreath, Animal Health Technician (TX), Davis
Vanessa Bakula, Staff Research Associate (RX), Davis
Mike Dupray, Principal Radiation Control Technician (TX), LBNL
Mike Fehr, Computer Resource Specialist (TX), Los Angeles
Jie Luo, Staff Research Associate (RX), Los Angeles
Tonya Greene-Tucker, Clinical Research Coordinator (RX), San Diego
Paul Phojanakong, Laboratory Assistant (TX), San Francisco
Elisa Cleveland, Staff Research Associate (RX), San Francisco
Damion Miller, Principal Electronics Technician (TX), Santa Barbara