CRS Salary Survey

During UPTE /UC negotiations, Computer Resource Specialists (CRS) at UC Davis & UC San Diego gave presentations to address the need for market pay adjustments. As a result, only UCSD has proposed some increases for some CRSs. UC has made the following proposal:

To provide increases to 32 out of 85 eligible CRS employees at UCSD. The increases range from 2% - 17%. The selection process for individuals was determined using the following criteria:

  1. Internal Equity due to newly hired staff
  2. Internal Equity due to salary compression
  3. Internal Equity due to Lack of Funding at the time of hire

UC claims that this offer is being made because funding is available now. They also claim that there is no guarantee that funding will be available in the future. It is the position of the UPTE RX/TX Bargaining Team that this is an unfair proposal; essentially a “Divide & Conquer” approach. The UC proposal only encompasses 38% of all members within the CRS title at UCSD campus, and only 7% of 451 CRSs system wide. We are bargaining to achieve fair overall equity & salary increases for all titles at all campuses.

Regarding the current proposal, we feel this offer should be extended to all campuses and titles within the CRS series. We’d like to hear your thoughts and concerns.

Please take a moment to provide answers to the following questions. Your answers are for internal use only. There is also a blank space for your comments and opinions. We are working for the good of all members. Your issues are our issues; they’re all important to us.

1. As a CRS, do you feel you deserve an equity increase?
Yes      No      Unsure

2. Do you feel you are underpaid for the type of work you do?
Yes      No      Unsure

If yes, by what percentage?

3. Does it upset you that UC continues to offer equity raises to the San Diego campus only?
Yes      No      Unsure

4. Would you be willing to organize and mobilize CRSs at your campus around this issue?
Yes      No      Unsure

5. Are you willing to support the push for market pay for all CRSs?
Yes      No      Unsure

6. Your comments please:

Thank you for your time and feedback!
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