Compensation Evaluation Committee

Goal: Evaluate the real cost to the University of the raises we have negotiated in our contract.

UPTE-CWA has long claimed that turnover savings negate the cost of step increases. Working with the University, we will analyze real wage data for the TX and RX units to address this issue so important to negotiating our take home pay. The members of the

UPTE-CWA committee members are: Joan Garbarino, Steve Zippin, Andy Thompson, Max Hechter and
Jelger Kalmijn
. We appreciate all comments, questions and input!

Current status:

We have met twice with the University and reached agreement with them to:

  • Calculate the cost of steps using the step in 2002/03 as an example
  • Calculate the cost of across-the-board increases
  • Verify that the University has in fact implement the raises agreed to in contract
  • Both use salary data from University's Corporate Payroll Service (CPS)
  • Meet with contracts and grants offices in San Francisco and Berkeley to review amounts and rules for annual salary increases

We will publicize results from the committee when they become available.

Our next meetings with UC are: 12/15/6 (conference call) and 1/17/7 (in San Francisco or Berkeley )