Grievance Process

  1. A grievance is filed locally - Step 1 and 2 are handled by local steward

  2. Appeal to Step 3 is made by the local steward and UC gives their step 3 response

  3. The SW President immediately appeals for Arbitration & UC responds to the Arbitration Request.

  4. The ARC (Arbitration Review Committee) needs to review the case, then approve or deny the request for Arbitration and send their decision to the UPTE-CWA-9119 Systemwide Office, which notifies the steward of the decision. If the ARC approves a case for arbitration, it then gets sent to CWA for a final decision.

  5. While this is going on, the local steward must contact the person in their local University Center for Labor Relations to begin the process of selecting an arbitrator and/or get an extension to start that Arbitration process.

  6. If the ARC denies the case, a letter explaining the reason for the denial must go to the grievant giving 30 days to appeal this to the SW Executive Board for review. If there is no appeal to the SW E-Board, then a letter is sent to management withdrawing the case without prejudice.

  7. The local steward can find grievance information along with forms and procedures in the UPTE representation site. This site is password protected and can accessed at:

For more information, please contact your local UPTE-CWA-9119 office.