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UC's proposed pension take-aways, de facto pay cuts are worth striking over


UPTE-CWA's Proposals UC's Proposals

For TX/RX employees: Raises that increase overall pay, after all deductions for pension, benefits, and parking

For HX employees: Raises that increase overall pay, after deductions. No retroactive payments without retroactive raises.
For TX/RX employees: a 1.5% pay cut (because of an additional pension contribution and 0% raise). Step increases for those eligible.

For HX employees: All locations (except SF) would get 0% after deductions, or a 1-2% pay cut. Step increases for those eligible, market equity for some titles and some locations.

Pension Pay approximately 1% more to keep current pension plan. Take away 5 years of retirement from new hires, and target existing workers to be pushed out because they cost more.
Retiree health benefits Keep current retiree health benefits. For half of current employees and all new employees: Force employees to work up to 15 more years for retiree health benefits.
Sick/Vacation leave Keep current sick and vacation leave system. Combine sick and vacation leave so that you must use up vacation when you are sick for shorter periods.

UC wants to change employment as we know it at UC. The only way workers can stop these massive, divisive and unnecessary concessions is to present a serious strike threat. Sign your strike pledge now and get your co-workers to do likewise. Check UPTE's website for additional information.

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