2022 UPTE Interim Election Results

2022 UPTE Interim Election Results

The UPTE-CWA 9119 Election Committee has ruled on all challenges to the conduct of the 2022 Interim election. We certify that the ballot tally was fairly and accurately conducted, the secrecy of the ballots was maintained, and that the election results are as indicated as below. This is the final certification of results, effective December 5, 2022.

UC San Francisco Board Representative:
Shawn Singh: 164          77%
Elisa Cleveland: 49        23%

UC San Diego Board Representative:
Samantha Warsh: 151   88%
Danny Kovacs: 20          12%

UC Davis Board Representative:
Amy Fletcher: 145           61%
Jamie McDole: 93           39%

Number of ballots received and counted: 624

Number of spoiled ballots: 0

Number of void ballots; 2

Number of challenged ballots: 13


UPTE-CWA 9119 Election Committee:
Elizabeth Geno, Chair, Robyn Miles, and Jim Wolford