A Message From Your Union – 2/12/2021

I write to you today after learning that some UC administrators have been spreading false information about our Union and the UC’s refusal to temporarily suspend the accrual cap on Vacation and Personal Time Off for our members during the Pandemic.  At a recent campus townhall at the San Diego campus, an administrator claimed that the accrual cap suspension was offered to UPTE, and UPTE refused to participate in the suspension program.  This is blatantly untrue.  This message is intended to set the record straight.  Here are the facts:

  • Our labor contracts covering Research, Technical and Healthcare units all contain caps on the amount of vacation and personal time off that individual workers can accrue.
  • Since the onset of the Pandemic, many of our members have been unable to take sufficient time off to avoid reaching these caps, and have stopped accruing time off.
  • Your Union bargaining teams have repeatedly demanded that UC suspend these caps until the Pandemic is over and life returns to normal. 
  • UC has ignored these demands.
  • UC suspended caps for employees not represented by a Union, at the same time as it refused identical demands from UPTE and all of our union coalition partners in UC.

UPTE has demanded that UC suspend the cap in recognition that the work performed by our members is vital to overcoming the Pandemic and ensuring a safe environment for staff, patients and students who rely on the university.  The fact that so many of our members are unable to take needed time off speaks directly to the fact that we are all essential to the mission of the university.  Unfortunately, so far, these arguments have fallen on deaf ears.

As a Union, we will continue to pressure the university to suspend the cap in recognition of the esential work our members perform every day. UPTE members must be united and continue to demand that the university meet their obligation to their employees as we all work to support the University’s public mission to provide world class education, healthcare and research. 

Sign UPTE’s petition today and demand that the university resist austerity measures during these times. 

We will get through this together when we stand United. 

In solidarity,

Jamie McDole, RN
UPTE President 
Case Manager, UC Davis Medical Center

Fighting for the members and families of UPTE