Address Verification

As previously announced, the election committee was unable to certify the UPTE election for statewide officers that was held in December due to an incorrect voter list sent to the electronic balloting vendor. This resulted in non-members casting ballots in the election. In response, the UPTE Systemwide Executive Board voted to approve a rerun of the election by mail-in ballot via USPS.

I want to make sure you have a voice in UPTE. Don’t let others choose for you. The election is decided by the majority that cast ballots.

Please email as soon as possible to ensure UPTE has your correct mailing address.
Take the time to make sure you can be heard and cast a ballot in the upcoming statewide election. The strength of UPTE depends on your active participation. 
In solidarity,

Jamie McDole, RN
UPTE President 
Case Manager, UC Davis Medical Center

Fighting for the members and families of UPTE