Bargaining Update 7/22


UCB: California Hall

UCSF: 4th Street entrance to UCSF Mission Hall

UCLA: RRMC front entrance

UCSD: Koman Outpatient Pavilion, Jacobs Medical Center

UCD Medical Center: Main hospital front entrance, 2315 Stockton Blvd in Sacramento

UCD campus: Mrak Hall

UCSC: Kerr Hall patio (tentative)

UCR: Hinderaker Hall, next to Ivan’s Coffee

UCI Medical Center: In front of Building 3

UCI Campus: Flagpoles in front of Administration Building


After more than two years of negotiations and multiple 12 hour days last week, UC negotiators claimed to not have “authority” to offer a final written proposal to UPTE on Friday night. We left with key issues unresolved:

  • No daily overtime for HX
  • Only two step increases for the next 5 years for RX/TX
  • UC is excluding 10% of all units from raises in the first year of the contract

UC is threatening vital student mental health services by excluding Counseling Psychologists from all first-year raises, in a time when they are already experiencing a crisis of recruitment and retention.

UC has excluded Business Technology Support Analysts as well – showing that they would rather outsource IT work than pay front-line workers who keep vital computer infrastructure up and running. Examples are layoffs at UCSF in 2017 and at UC Riverside in 2018. 

UC insists that many job titles and individuals working for under market wages will be excluded from raises and step increases during the first year of the contract if they received “emergency” market equity increases, or even if they received an individual equity or reclass. 

Excluding members from the first year raises will only make them fall further behind market.  This is union busting.

We are much closer to a fair deal than we were just a month ago and UC is hoping that they can convince us to leave some of our members behind. They have threatened to start their media machine if we refuse their “conceptual” offer.

We have come this far because we are united.

We will not set a dangerous precedent by leaving anyone behind!