BTSA’s deserve a contract, not more misinformation

UC Labor Relations Executive Director Peter Chester has sent yet another misleading communication dated April 25th regarding UPTE negotiations, this time in response to the exclusion of Business Technology Support Analysts (BTSAs) from the 3% increase that is being imposed on other Research and Technical Professionals.

BTSAs became part of the TX unit (a process known as accretion) in December of 2016, meaning that we could negotiate directly with UC over salary increases and other terms and conditions of employment, rather than simply accepting whatever UC chose to offer.

Chester’s statement that the salary increases provided to BTSAs as part of the accretion agreement “slightly exceeded 3%” is misleading. While some BTSAs did receive slightly more than 3%, many received as little as 2%.*

*Additionally, UC Irvine Medical center converted staff to BTSA titles after FY 17-18 and UC Santa Barbara after FY 18-19. Many of the ‘merit-based’ raises for those in non-represented positions for those years were less than 3%. Despite this, UC insisted on excluding BTSAs at UC Irvine and Santa Barbara from increases in the accretion agreement and imposition.

The reality is that the increases in the accretion agreement are not in lieu of FY17-18 raises and UPTE was clear that we would not agree to anything that excluded BTSAs from any future raises.

Implying that the BTSA accretion increases and 3% imposition increase are in lieu of a missed FY17-18 raise is disingenuous given that UC’s Last, Best, Final offer included no TX raise for FY17-18. The first 3% raise of the Last, Best, Final Offer was described as being for FY19 (presumably FY18-19) and also excluded BTSAs. UC’s Last, Best, and Final Offer would not have given BTSAs a raise until FY19-20—part of the reason UPTE told UC that the offer was unacceptable.

Why would UC impose something better than they offered us at the table? Peter Chester is again attempting to twist the facts in order to turn BTSAs against UPTE and keep you from fighting with 15,000 other Technical, Healthcare, and Research Professionals for fair contracts.

Like all UPTE-represented employees – whether TX, RX, or HX – BTSAs have to stand together and fight for the kind of contract we all deserve. Sign a strike pledge today to let us know that you’re ready to keep up that fight!