Petition UC for a Fossil-Free Energy Plan

Dear UPTE Sister/Brother,

As we enter our sixth month of surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, we are coping with historic wildfires, toxic air, and major flooding in the Gulf states. This is our new reality—the climate crisis is real and is happening now, to us and our families. It will get much worse if emissions are not cut substantially soon.

Our UPTE Systemwide Executive Board voted unanimously to circulate the linked petition from the UC Green New Deal Coalition
This petition asks UC Regents, Chancellors, the Office of the President and the state legislature to get serious about the climate crisis by creating a detailed plan for electrification of the 10 campus energy systems.

If UPTE members sign this petition and promote it widely, we will increase awareness in UC and in California that a detailed plan on electrification is the critical first step. Pushing for UC campus energy system electrification is a powerful way to demand what must happen everywhere in order to cut emissions 50% by 2030.

A rough estimate for electrifying the energy systems of the 10 UC campuses is about $2 billion—an investment in our state that will provide many good jobs and help ensure a livable future. Please sign this petition today and share with your co-workers and your friends and family:

Yours in Solidarity,

Brooke Donner (UCSD), Brianna McGuire (UCD), Tom Yau (UCLA) | UPTE Green New Deal Committee

Jamie McDole | President, UPTE-CWA 9119

This petition is co-sponsored by UPTE-CWA 9119, UC GND Coalition, GND at UCSD